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Can't burp

I have never been able to burp. Recently when I drink mostly alcohol I have to run to the bathroom because I began to have dry heaves. They turn into just a couple of burps and then I am fine. This has just occurred within a couple of months. Please help it's embarrassing and I would like some solutions
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Hi, what you are experiencing could be alcohol intolerance. These symptoms are generally less serious and are limited to digestive problems. If you have alcohol intolerance, you may be able to take small amounts of the offending agent without trouble. There could be many reasons for this, like IBS, lactose intolerance, celiac disease and sensitivity to the components. The reason is not fully understood. Regards.
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My son was also unable to burp. Fortunately, I found a doctor who has discovered  a solution. He is in Illinois and his company is Bastian voice Institute. His name is Dr Bastian. He will work with your ear nose and throat doctor and walk him or her thru the steps to alleviate your problem. It involves a Botox shot in your upper esophageal sphincter. It is a blessing for my son to be done with bloating, flatulence and gurgling in his throat. Good luck to you!!
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It’s what’s known as a retrograde cricopharyngeus dysfunction (a type of upper esophageal dysfunction). I’ve had the same problems mentioned above, and couldn’t burp my entire life. I don’t know why but alcohol does indeed make it unbearable. As does carbonated beverages (do you drink those). Also do you get the hiccups frequently, and do they cause you some amount of pain? A lot of people with this condition also have been diagnosed with IBS (or at least experience symptoms). After a TON of research, I have an appointment setup in IL at the end of May to get the Botox injection.

Here’s the stats on the treatment as of 4/25/2018 :

So far 60 of the 70 patients who received the treatment from Chicago have been able to maintain the ability to burp [indefinitely] after the Botox wore off, and all were able to achieve relief for at least several months, 5 of the 10 who lost the ability after the Botox wore off were re-injected and again achieved relief.

Here is more info on the dysfunction :

And here is the post from 2009 that is still active with over 380 replies, and shows the whole story of how they found a treatment. It’s a good place to see other’s symptoms and realize all the weird/uncomfortable things that not being able to burp does to your body :
My son was the 10th patient. He did need a touch up, but we were able to do it in office. He had a ativan to make him not feel anxious. The second was a charm. It’s been almost a year. He is a new person. At 24 and very fit, his tummy was like a pregnant woman. That has all gone away. When we went for the touch up, Dr Bastian has done over 43 procedures. Only 3 (one being my son) needed a touch up. It was so well worth going. This problem is so little known by docs that they have a tendency to not believe the problem is as life altering as the persons who suffer from it know it is. My son only threw up one time in his life, and he literally thought he would die. He was about 5. It built up until it had to come out or he would have choked. I’ll never forget it. You will be so glad you made the appointment. Sometimes you need to travel great distances to find a solution. 3 of the first 10 were out of state, and one of the three was from Scotland! Good luck to you and please post and let us all know how it went!
Mary Anne
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