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Carcinoid tumors?

It started in February when I kept getting bouts of tachycardia even though I have very low blood pressure.  I have been getting hot flushing sensations on my chest and face for a few years now and it mainly only happened when I was drinking alcohol, so I just ignored it. Now it happens pretty much constantly. I have had abdominal pain as well for a few years and also ignored that because I did not have insurance up until a few months ago.  Now my abdominal pain is horrible, my eye sight is getting worse by the day, I can't eat very much because it makes me nauseated so I have lost 15 pounds within the last month.  I get head aches which I have never had before, the veins in my hands and arms bulge sometimes, I get very dizzy and confused a lot, and I have had black stools on and off which leads me to believe that I may have a carcinoid in my small intestine.  I have decreased hearing in my left ear, with numbness on that side of my face.  I had this painful lump on my forehead by my left eye that I popped with a needle because I thought it was a pimple, but after I popped it, my pupils started to dilate and my heart started beating hard.  That's another thing that makes me think I have carcinoids. I have had several tests done, but they have all come back negative: MRI of head, TSH levels, my glucose was a little high even though I was fasting, but my DR. just disregarded it. It was at 100.  I've had my eyes checked by 2 opthalmologists and I've been to an ENT which was a joke because after I told him the symptoms about my ear he just looked into it and it was clear, so abviously I don't have an infection, so he just said it was TMJ.  I think after I popped that thing on my forehead, the cancer spread to other parts of my face including the nerve for my ear.  I have had a 24 hour urine test for catecholamines, an electrocardiogram, and a holter monitor.  My first Dr. said that I had PVST, but I later found out that was a lie from an electrocardiologist.  My original Dr. just kept telling me I'm a hypochondriac and put me on Lexapro which is making my symptoms worse which also points to carcinoids because of the excess serotonin making the liver harder to process it since with carcinoids there is already too much of it. My feet and hands are always cold and fall asleep very easily.  I have lower back pain and went to a chiroprator and he said my spine was straight, but when he took an xray of my lower back, he saw white spots all along my colon, which were probably my vitamins, but he thought it was weird that they weren't being digested. I have a gastro appointment tomorrow, so hopefully I get some answers because this is really frustrating!!! Any suggestions as to what this might be would be very much appreciated!
Thank you!
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  I think it is incredibly unlikely that you have a carcinoid in your small intestine.  It wouldn't give you most of the symptoms that you are describing.  If it had dramatically spread (therefore possibly causing your other symptoms) you would be having a lot more serious problems and your MRI would be abnormal.  What other testing have you had done?  Have you had a CBC (complete blood count)?
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Thank you.  The MRI I had was without contrast, so I don't know if it maybe wouldn't pick up things that were small.  I'm not sure if I had a complete blood cell count but if I did it was normal. I have an appointment today so I will ask.  What other serious symptoms would I have if it had spread?  I just feel terrible all the time.  After I popped that pimple thing on my face, I couldn't even get out of bed for a few days, my heart was racing and I literally felt like I was dying and I couldn't sleep.  Every morning when I wake up a feel nauseated and I feel like I am going to puke but nothing comes out.  I just hope the Dr's figure this out before it's too late.
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My point is just that if you had a carcinoid in your small intestine that had spread enough to be causing all of your other symptoms, you would be having a ton of blood in your stool, you would be getting lots of fevers, passing out, and in general just be a lot sicker.  I know you feel very sick right now but I'm talking about symptoms that people have when they are close to dying, not just feeling crummy (but I do understand how terrible you feel).  Popping that pumple thing on your face had nothing to do with cancer; that is not how cancer spreads.  I would recommend making sure you have had a CBC.
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Okay, thanks.  I really do feel horrible all the time, and if I burst a tumor, how would it not spread?  I appreciate your advice, I just know there is something seriously wrong with me, but my Dr's haven't figured it out yet.  I can barely get out of bed most of the time. I just want to feel better.
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Cancer spreads on its own, not by pressure/puncture on it.  That was not a cancerous tumor that you popped.
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Okay, thank you.  I hope that is not the case, but can't cancer spread more readily if a tumor bursts?  I had my gastro appointment today and the Dr is testing me for Celiac's disease.  I mentioned carcinoids to him and he said it is a possibility, so I guess I will find out after my colonoscopy.
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