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Cause of foul burps that sound like I inhaled helium?


About a year or so ago I had an episode of foul smelling/tasting burps that led to an episode of severe upper abdominal pain. Like call an ambulance type pain.It was accompanied by nausea/vomitting/diarrhea.

This happened about every month for 3-4mos. Sometimes there was diarrhea sometimes not. Over time it seems I am just getting the burping with milder stomach pain. If I even suspect it will turn into a major pain episode I take buscopan and pain killers right away. No idea if they work but I don't take any chances. Nothing worked for the pain once it got going in the past.

The burps are big, foul and sound like I've inhaled helium. I can't relate it to specific events or food. Sometimes it nauseated me. I go to be sick and instead of vomitting a massive burp comes out.

I've been tested for H. Pylori. Came back negative although I don't know if it was accurate because it's not 100% and I had constipation at the time making the stool sample not great.

Had abdominal ultrasound. Nothing remarkable although it did show a random liver cyst :-/

Any ideas/thoughts?

My mom and daughter have IBS but I've never had stomach problems and I'm 57. I do have GERD and been on meds for same forever(PPI's).
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