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Celiac? IBS? Something worse? Please help.
I am extremely concerned that I have Celiac disease or some other horrible digestive/metabolic problem. I was diagnosed with IBS awhile ago, and nothing really seems to help it. It has slightly improved lately when I resumed a vigorous exercise routine (running several miles every day, plus 30 minutes of weight training). I am an otherwise-healthy 28 year old female. I eat extremely, extremely strictly during the week--1800-2000 calories max, 30g fiber, vitamin & iron supplements (my blood is frequently borderline iron deficient despite my iron supplementation), 5 servings of fruits & vegetables, no red meat, limited dairy, lots of organic stuff. I eat a lot of monounsaturated fat, but my BMs are usually healthy looking. I am currently taking Anucort suppositories for persistent hemorrhoids due to "IBS," and while I am usually pretty careful with my health, I did make the recent mistake of drinking alcohol while taking an antibiotic. I also regularly take Lexapro, Wellbutrin, Klonopin, and Omeprazole, as well as a daily probiotic. I am a gigantic hypochondriac, but this new symptom is clearly serious.

However, I *am* a 28 year-old living with 3 roommates in downtown Chicago...on the weekends, for 2 days a week, my diet is the COMPLETE opposite of what it is during the week. We drink a lot of beer and eat a lot of fatty foods, especially pizza. I do continue workouts throughout the weekends, though.

Only recently, after I reintroduced hardcore exercise into my routine, in conjunction with the heavily fatty weekend eating, have I started dropping oily orange spots into the toilet, accompanied by gas, but NOT during bowel movements. I'm really worried. Has anyone had anything like this happen from just eating more fatty food than usual/suddenly exercising more than usual? I feel like I've had every colon & intestinal test under the sun, and a complete metabolic panel in the summer, and a colonoscopy 11 months ago, but my stomach continues to give me trouble. Excessive gas, inconsistent regularity, & GERD are a constant problem, and they are difficult enough to deal with on their own. Now orange oil in the toilet? This is really scary.

Any input would be appreciated. My doctor is not taking my concern seriously and attributes everything to not eating enough iron, IBS, and anxiety.

(She even coded my last billing statement with an anxiety disorder as my diagnosis, when I was there seeking treatment for hemorrhoids. Apparently bringing up my own concerns is not acceptable. She is unaware that I am a therapist for a living and recognize medical/mental health coding.)
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