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Celiac/Sprue Disease, Gastroparesis, Abdominal Pain

To give information regarding Celiac/Sprue... I was diagnosed in 2002. I had lost 40 lbs, I am 5'2" and went under 100 lbs. while eating a normal diet. I had been diagnosed 5 1/2 years previous with IBS. I suffered greatly for those 5 1/2 years. Went through nights in great pain with every disgusting GI problems. When my weight began dropping 3 to 5 lbs each day for no reason, I had an endoscopy and it was found small intestine tissue looked smooth and just like walls of stomach. Blood work was done and Celiac/Sprue was found. I have been gluten free and gained weight back and have felt great until a few months ago.

I have developed severe Gastroparesis, have bloated/painful abdomen (especially after eating a meal), constipation then diarrehea, pain when in bathroom.I received results of blood work that ranked my glucose level at 114. I have had a Nissan Fundoplication for severe GERD a couple years ago. Has anyone had a similar experience? What could possibly be happening to me? I see the surgeon that performed Nissan this week and was wondering what questions I should ask.
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Gig, gastroparesis could unfortunately be a side-effect of the fundoplication.

In addition, have you checked to find out if you're cross-reactive to casein - major protein in diary? Some celiacs are and it can produce some strange side-effects.
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Thank you for the info. I will talk with my Doc to see if the cross-reactity casein-dairy protein is a possibility. I really appreciate this information.

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