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Change in stool

Usually I have a strong urge to go after breakfast but that has been replaced with a mild urge. My bowel movement is very quick, as always, but for the last week I have been quickly spitting out a collection of round stool, about the size of large gumballs that used to come in glass dispensers. The color is fine.  I don't have any symptoms of constipation.  I've been trying to change the pattern by drinking more water and eating more fiber, to no avail.  I did have stomach flu for one day, with diarrhea and vomiting, on May 24.  I have a colonoscopy scheduled for July 28 because I had a positive F.I.T. test from the at-home procedure done on May 14.  

My question?  I guess what I'm looking for is feedback on this change in stool, which has caused more anxiety than usual because I had the positive F.I.T. test.
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Hello there and welcome to the forum. Sorry about your positive FIT test. Remember though that only a very small percentage of positive tests end up being colon cancer. I say that to reassure you but am glad you are getting your colonoscopy. Polyps and fissures are the most common reason for blood found in stool. Try not to worry. As to the stool change, it does sound like constipation. You are doing the right thing to increase fluid intake and fiber although fluid is most important. A stool softener over the counter is what many doctors will also recommend (different than a laxative). So you can ask your doctor about this as well.
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