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Chest Pains, Rib pains, back pains, rapid pulse when active.

28 year old male here.

About 3 months ago I had a severe chest pain right around my sternum.  It lasted a good 20-30 minutes, and although I probably waited to long to go to the Emergency Room,  I finally went to the ER when my body got tingly from the waist down. Uppon arrival to the ER, my chest pain was gone,  but my legs and crotch area remained tingly.  The ER performed an EKG and did an X-Ray.  Their conclusion was that I had GERD and an Anxiety attack.  The Dr telling me it was GERD & Anxiety pretty much relieved my tingly leg feeling immediatly.  They prescribed me 2 weeks worth of Zantac  and off I went.  I slept well that night,  and for the next 2 months actually.  I never even got my prescription Zantac because I felt perfectly normal.

Fast forward to about 5 weeks ago,  I'm trying to go to sleep when suddenly I feel a slight discomfort in my chest that comes and goes,  but typically only last 5-10 seconds at a time.  Now over the past 5 weeks or so,  I've had that same slight discomfort that lasts 5-10 seconds at a time.   And it's not always right around the sternum,  sometimes the pain is around either nipple,  sometimes at the bottom of my ribs. I  also feel full quite easily, and/or nauseated.

I sleep perfectly well altho sometimes it's hard to fall asleep when I'm worried about my conditions, But I  don't wake up in the middle of the night with any pains.

Over the past 4 weeks or so,  I've had 2 EKG's (includes 1 today), an echocardiogram, and an EBCT.  Everything has come out fine,  my calcium score with the EBCT was 0.  My lipid tests showed high bad cholesterol, and low good cholesterol.

Results are:
HDL Chol :30
LDL Chol: 205
Triglycer: 134

I don't recall my BP,  but I do know it was normal.

At the time I measured in at 5 ft 11 and 216lbs, and they recommended a high fiber,  low fat,  no caffeine diet, and in those 3 weeks I've lost about 12 lbs.

A couple days after these tests I started taking my Zantac prescription (that was given to me at ER 2 months prior) 2 times a day,  but I'm  currently out of Zantac.

Over the past week,  I've noticed I get out of breath easily, and my heart rate climbs to around 100-105BPM just by walking at a normal pace.  Sitting down comfortably,  my pulse is around 77 BPM.  

So..Nausea,  full feeling with small meals,  racing heart with very very little physical activity, fleeting chest pains from my ribs, to my sternum, to my collar bone that lasts seconds at a time.

I had another EKG today, and another blood pressure test, and everything came out normal once again,  (except today they noticed the high pulse,  didnt have the high pulse with past tests)

Could these all be symptoms of GERD?  Or perhaps a Hiatal Hernia?  Or something else even?

I also had a 62 year old aunt die of Cardiac Arrest about a month ago,  was in ICU for a month before her death.  I think some of this could be Anxiety,  but not most of it.

I'd also like to point out that as I wrote this i was slouched down, and my rib started to hurt,  when I straightened myself out and sat up straight the rib pain went away a 2-3 seconds later.  

And there is slight tenderness in a finger sized location on my sternum about 2 inches above the nipples.

Anyway I see a GI Dr on Friday,  wish me luck.

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