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Chest and Back pain

I am a 31 year old female with recurring back pain that is also associated wtih pain beneath the breast bone.  Occasionally, I still have a globus sensation in my throat.  I was diagnosed with GERD about 7 months ago and was put on Nexium x 2 daily.  All of this came about as I noticed that I was always feeling something in my throat, and I had really bad pains under my right shoulder blade.  I have had quite a bit of testing done: EGD, Chest X-ray, esophageal motility testing, TSH, ESR, Lipids, Abdominal ultrasound.  The EGD showed a slight narrowing, so dilatation was done.  The abdominal ultrasound was negative for stones/sludge, so the theory of gallbladder was dropped.  Now, several months later, I continue to have the back pain, but it has spread and now mostly occurs on the right lower to mid area of my back.  There is constant "cracking" in my back, paresthesia in my right arm, neck pain, headaches, and intense tightness/chest pain, especially in the morning and at night.  I have a family history of GERD, heart disease, including mitral valve prolapse and CAD.  The last time I visited the doctor, he suggested a HIDA scan to further evaluate the gallbladder, but I just couldn't afford the testing at the time.  I want to believe that it is my gallbladder, but worry because my back "cracks" and because of the pain in my chest/rib area.  Any suggestions?
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Sounds just like my problem.  The pain we're experiencing is the same.  It's worse when I eat, although it's not the foods you'd think it would be.  I just had my 2nd hida, my GB was fine.  I have NO idea where the pain is coming from, but, like you, mine is spreading.  It's my right back, beneath the shoulder blade, more like around the bottom rib.  It makes it uncomfortalbe to sit up straight and lasts the better part of my day, regardless of meals.  I hope someone can figure this out !
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Maybe you should have an MRI of your spine?  If there is anything pinched or compressed or something like that it could cause your symptoms.
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Have all the same symtoms and more! Also diagnosed with acid reflux by a doctor friend and got Nexium for free...but i will not take meds!  I couldn't believe all these symtoms are from reflux and I even went for back treatment for almost a year. But the more I read about rflux symtoms and see the similarities here in this form the more I am convinced that rflux is indeed the culprit for my misery!  Just one word of advice...If you can see a good holistic practitioner and nutritionist specializing in digestve issues before you do anything with an MD or start taking meds.
These doctors are doling out meds like crazy. They also perform tests that may not even be accurate or needed. I've been under the care of a nutritionist and my symtoms have improved greatly. Relux is very dibilitating but not deadly as the drugs that are percribed for it. My symtoms have come and gone for years and I even get additional symtoms such as choking sensation, dry cough, wheezing and the worst post nasal drip. I still get episodes from time to time but since under the care of a nutritionist and change in diet etc I am in much much better shape than I've been in years. Good luck!
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