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Chest pain and neck pain.

I'm 23 years old and I was actually endorse into an endoscopy when I was 18 and found out that I only have dyspepsia and until now I still experience a chest pain once I started to eat and after taking a glass of water to releif the pain then it comes with an hiccup. Sometimes too I experience an extrem neck pain that runs to my brain and I only feel the pain and burning sensation at the back of my neck. Please I want to know what this heal issue I am experiencing right now.
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Sometimes due to problems in digestion there is a generation of gas inside the stomach that may be the cause of headache or a form of chest pain. And that is not a serious issue.
However, you must get your blood pressure checked to rule out any threats of issues. Smoking must be avoided and I will be glad if you are a non smoker.
Make changes to your lifestyle by choosing the right foods that suit your digestion, with proper sleep on time and most importantly exercise on a regular basis.
Make a fine powder of the following seeds in equal quantity and take one sixth  of a teaspoon with water daily after meals
Fennel seeds and cardamom seeds

Moreover you may also try the another recipe:
Grind fennel, ginger and cloves into a fine powder and add some honey to make a thick paste. Preserve in a glass jar. Take them in equal quantities.
Take one teaspoon fifteen minutes after each meal and at bed time.
Let me know If it helps. So that I may share a few more recipes. Take care. God bless!
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It sounds like you have GERD, or a hiatal hernia. I recommend you see a gastroenterologist and discuss these issues with him/her.
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