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Chronic, Severe Nausea

I've had chronic, severe nausea for the past year and I can't take it anymore.  I get nauseated after everything I eat.  It doesn't matter what.  I can't even have breakfast anymore (I went from eating solids to drinking liquids, and now I can't eat anything at all).  Sometimes I feel like I'm not even hungry, and other times I feel horribly hungry.  I can only have small meals now and I can't have dairy or bread.  I have a horrible feeling of fullness in my stomach, but it's not gastroparesis.  My GI told me it wasn't gastroparesis.  I did a gastric emptying study and could only eat 3/4 of an egg.  I've had an ultrasound, multiple blood tests, I do not have any STDs whatsoever, I'm healthy (besides having major depression), I don't have diabetes (they tested me with an A1C), and I had an upper endoscopy to check for Celiac disease and they even did a biopsy of my stomach.  I also have chronic diarrhea and constipation (it switches).  I'm on Abilify and Nefazodone for depression, Prilosec for GERD, and now chlordiazepoxide-clidinium 3 times daily before meals.  I think my doctor thinks I have an anxiety issue because of the pills he put me on, which I find irritating.  Every doctor has dismissed it as either one of my meds or from anxiety, and it's not.  I was taken off of Abilify and Nefazodone for months to test it (twice, in fact).  I don't know what to do anymore.  I can't take this.
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By the way, I also vomit from time to time.  It's usually very random, but very debilitating.  I'm afraid to go out to eat now as well.  Antiemetics haven't helped me, either.  I was also on a low dose of Reglan and that didn't help me.
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Have you had a colonoscopy and a gallbladder scan done with CCK?  Gallbladder problems can cause all kinds of symptoms.
Ask your doctor if you can try Zofran and Tigan for the nausea.  Also, try sipping ginger and honey in water throughout the day.  Been there/ done that.
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Hi Margot49,

I haven't had a colonoscopy, but they did scan my gallbladder.  Unfortunately, I tried two different medications for the nausea and they did nothing. :(
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