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Chronic Debilitating Nausea for Years

Help!  My daughter is 18 and has been suffering from chronic nausea that impedes every day life.  She's been to 2 Gastroenterologists who have yet to discover the cause of this. They have done a battery of tests and scopes only to come to the diagnosis of IBS (which to me means, we have no idea what it could be.)  She's had a gastric emptying study done which was normal so they've ruled out gastroparesis.  She's had her gallbladder removed as she was diagnosed with an overactive gallbladder (no stones.)  She's had an endoscopy and colonoscopy. So since they can't find a cause, they're just trying to treat the symptoms.  She was also diagnosed lactose intolerant so she avoids lactose.  We've also tried gluten free, gone completely off all meds etc.  No correlation can be found.

She takes Zofran for the nausea and it does nothing for it.  She's now taking Phenergan which does help a little but also makes her sleepy.  She is virtually homebound because of the nausea.  When she does try to go out and do anything, even for short periods, the nausea increases to the point of causing her to faint.  She's seen a cardiologist who says the fainting is a vasovagal syncope which is commonly triggered by nausea, heat etc.  

This has been going on for years and this poor kid has no life!!  Is there anything else I should be looking at? Anything I should be asking the doctors to test for?
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i would have a comprehensive stool study and a food allergy test done. I'd also suggest trying to find a holistic GI specialist. Not always easy to find, but they do exist. Hopefully they can succeed where western medicine has failed.
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Has the term Sphincter of Oddi come up at all with your GI?  I also have my GB out, and after 6 months of feeling better with this removal I started having symptoms similar to your daughter.  I found temporary relief with stents placed in the bile duct, but still am trying to understand why the symptoms keep coming back. But, I think I at least have found where the problem resides.  If the ducts are narrowed or blocked, it can be a game changer in regard to how you function.
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