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Chronic Diarrhea and Stomach Distention in 17 yo. girl

I have had chronic diarrhea (8-15 times a day) since July 2007.  I was diagnosed with gastric dumping in may of 2008 and then with gastroparesis in Jan. 09.  However, I still am having diarrhea 8-15 times a day. I also have tachycardia, orthostasis edema, stomach distention, new/developing food allergies, borderline low TSH, no appetite, joint pain, and weight gain/maintaing weight.  I only eat 600-800 calories a day and am having stools that are dark or orange or green sometimes watery and sometimes oily.  My stools are basically all over the place.  I have had three colonoscopies and all have been normal, pristine even. What do I have?
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0.0 I feel so bad for you !  
Gastric dumping syndrome (GDS) gastroparesis, seem almost in complete contrast to each other. o_0
As I told someone els hereread a book called "How Doctors Think" by Dr. Jerome Groopman.

The very first patient you meet is a woman that went through 20 or more doctors in 15 years , all whom diagnosed her with irritable bowell syndrome, secondary to Anorexia nervosa and bulimia..and all tried to pack on the calories by pasta breads and grains, and none believed she was following their instructions, then she was forced by her boyfriend to see 1 last Gastroenterologist who discovered she had a gluten allergy... and all the other doctors were forcing every gluten containing product down her throat.

You may really like your Primary physician , and in most cases he/she may be a great doctor, but when you see a gastroenterologist , he is taking the opinion of your primary as to what he/she wants the gastro doc to look for, hence Gastro doc's mind may be closed to other options.

To live as you have for over a year ,at an age that should be filled with the best memories of your life really tugs at my heart strings.
Get another opinion from a totally fresh set of doctors, starting with a new primary...every symptom you've described can have many causes, Hepatic , Endocrine, or gastrointestinal and since the 2 diagnosis you present conflict with each other, they may be secondary to something els yet un-discovered..... But do read that book, it's cheap, only 300 pg's.in paperback, and it will give you valuable insight into the errors in diagnosis that doctors make, as well as errors patients make in presenting the facts to the doctor (A mis-diagnosis isn't allways solely the doctors fault)

Hope this helps....
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Have you been tested for celiac disease?  It can definitely cause these type of symptoms.  And have you had your gallbladder checked?  Do try to eat more as with the diarrhea you are not getting enough nutrients.  You should be eating at least 1200 calories a day and may want to use the food diary here at MedHelp to determine if you are eating enough.  Good luck and I hope you can find an answer soon.
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