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Chronic Medical Mystery, am I alone?

I am a 21 year old female who doesn't smoke and rarely drinks. Since around May of 2009 I have developed a severe epigastric abdominal pain. How it works is that about 92% of the times that I eat (no matter what it is) I get an acute onset of pain that can last from 15 minutes to 4 hours of terrible pain. It got so bad that I mentaly told myself that food was the cause of pain so I didn't eat for 3 months causing severe weight loss, depression, lethargy, etc. Rarely vomiting occured. In August of 2009 I was taken to the hospital because the pain had radiated from epigastric to lower right quadrent pain. All the tests they ran (cbc, urinalysis, ultrasound, x-ray) all negative. One doctor did a test to check gall bladder function and showed decreased function. They didn't want to remove it because I was so young, but a week later with persistant pain they decided to remove it. The pain subsided for a few weeks, but started right back up again. Endoscopy was done showing nothing and pain continued. several medications where given with no luck. Another endoscopy was done about a month later showing my stomach was littered with ulcers apparently caused by H-pylori bacteria. They treated that but pain persisted. After a couple more months of severe pain another endoscopy and colonoscopy were done and both were negative. Blood tests showed slightly elevated liver enzymes but  that quickly went away. After another month of pain, another endoscopy was done showing gastritis, which was treated and the pain still continued. Health continued to fail while catching mono, strep, I developed chest pain that was unexplained even after chest x-rays, and continued stomach pain.

As i left for my first year at college I was continued to have pain. I was taking 14 pills a day to try and do anything to help. I had 5 visits to the ER because of the chest pain and epigastric pain and all tests were normal (though liver enzymes were elevated on several occasion, but went back to normal). I was sent to a GI specialist who ran tests that were unable to find anything.

When I started my second year of college the pain persisted and I had several more visits to the ER and the doctors about the pain and still no answers were found. In April of 2012, I was sent to the ER with pain that was similar to my epigastric pain (infact i thought that is what it was) It turned out to be pancreatitis. I was hopitalized for a week and had to leave school. they ran biopsies on my liver, pancreas, an stomach and all tests were normal. I have still had pain and have 3 ER visits in 2013 alone and I still don't have any answers. Am I alone on this? Does anyone have any answers? I will specify  that this is NOT a food alergy.
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Please check into SOD, sphincter of Oddi dysfunction: http://www.hopkins-gi.org/GDL_Disease.aspx?CurrentUDV=31&GDL_Disease_ID=7AB086B0-AB01-446E-B011-2E67CAFEF96D&GDL_DC_ID=320F4EDD-0021-4952-83D7-8B0C67B47BFF

You're displaying several of the well-known symptoms. If it is SOD you need to seek out a specialist in the field. The condition is not well-understood by the 'general' gastroenterologist.
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Thank you for your thought. I have not heard of this before. I am looking into it as we speak. It sounds about right to me, though we will just have to wait and see.
Thanks Again
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So after looking into SOD, i do recall that this procedure was offered as my last option about a year ago. My reserves on the topic of having this particular procedure done are that...
1. is it covered by insurance since it is relatively new?
2. I have already had a severe case of pancreatitis and this seems to have a good possibility of re-occuring pancreatitis (whch i have already had)
3. There is a pretty good chance that this procedure could do more harm than good.
4. There is also a chance that if they check the sphincter and they find it to be normal, that i have just wasted time and money i don't have (especially if this is not covered by insurance)

I am in the process of consulting with a Dr on the the topic, but are there any other possible causes that could cause this problem?
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