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Chronic Pain in Right Quadrant

Since March of this year I have been getting chronic pain on the right side of my abdomen near my hip bone across from my belly button approximately.  I have had a CT Scan, MRCP, Ultrasound of both abdomen and pelvic, endoscopy, lower gi series with barium.  The only thing that showed so far is that I have some what of a fatty liver.  The pain came on suddenly and has never gone away no pain killer takes away the pain.  As far as my blood works goes it just shows high antibodies.  I have had an elimination diet in case I was allergic to something I was eating the pain never went away.  I had my gallbladder out in 2003, so my primary DR thought it might be a stone but the MRCP doesn't show a stone, he also thought it might be scar tissue.  My GI DR thought it might be UC.  Im very frustrated and was wondering what others thought about this problem?  After I eat I get Nauseous sometimes and the pain gets worse, however, there does not seem to be one specific food that triggers the pain to get worse.  Basically the pain is a dull aching pain that is always there in the same spot that goes back and forth from being dull to more severe it travels to my back and sometimes to my lower right pelvic area.  Also sometimes it feels like a spasaming sensation where the pain is located.  Not sure where to go from here?  Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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