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Chronic Pancreatitis

In July of 2011 I became very sick.  "Out of it", lethargic, sterrorhea, and one particular episode where I had an electric shock feeling in my mid abdemon for several seconds.  After this moment, I felt horrible with moderate left side discomfort and generally feeling like I had the flu.  Having an MRI which didn't reveal anything significant, I later went for EUS.  Doctor indicated CP and life began with Creon.  I have taken max levels of Creon 24K x 8/meal and sterrorhea remains.  I've been evaluated for Cystic, autoimmune, gluten intolerance, and just about anything you can imagine and the best I've been able to do is minimize weight loss.  2nd opinion EUS at Cleve Clinic didn't see significant issue and doctor asked me to stop Creon.  After getting sick a couple of weeks later, I resumed and was told to "treat symptoms".  Recently diagnosed with Vit D deficiency for which I am now taking 8000 IU daily.  I'm hoping that the fatigue and light headedness improves?  Over the last year, my hips ache after standing for any measurable time.  Recently I had another minor attack (electricity feeling) and after a couple of days of not eating am left with a swelling feeling at the left side, bottom of the ribs.  Low fat diet, targeting 20g or less but still have roller coaster of "good" and bad days.  A good day is my head is clear, I can function as a human and be a decent dad.  Bad days seem to cycle around and I can't figure out if this is triggered?  Obviously no alcohol!  I am apparently blessed that I haven't encountered the immense pain that many have written about.  Nonetheless, I'd like to know if anyone else has a similar route or has encountered this persistent swelling/pressure on their left side?  Thank you.
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I have what we think are pancreas issues too but no confirmation as my EUS (Ive had 6 are always normal). However, my pain is upper left stabbing/squeezing (about 1.5 inches below left breast), soft bowels at time w mucous, and now left shoulder blade pain. My lipase is always slightly up as well.  

Id think if they saw damage on your EUS it is CP. Drs do not throw this DX around lightly-in fact its taken me 5 yrs for drs to say yes, it may actually be early stage CP.

Why stop enzymes? I was told they are safe? I take them, but they do not seem to help
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