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Chronic Right Flank Pain after GallBladder Surgery; What could be the cause?

I'm a 47 year male in good shape. I'm going to provide you with the READERS DIGEST version. In June of 2000 I started having "Pancreas" problems.  I was admitted to the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks for Acute Pancreatitus.  Since that time I have been taking tricor (145mg) a day. I also have been taking crestor (10mg) a day an watching what I eat.  My triglycerides and cholesterol levels have been flucuating up and down like a yoyo.  The 1st Pancreatitus attack my triglycerides were over the 6000 mark.  This past February of 08' I was admitted back to the hospital for Acute Pancreatitus and again my triglyceride (5030) and cholesterol (930) levels were outragous. In the mean time between these two "Pancreatitus" attacks I've had chest pains, swelling and burning sensations in my left knee to the point where I couldn't walk on it. I went to the ER again.  They sent me home each time after doing test and said they couldn't find anything wrong. I retired early from my job after 21 years because phsyically I couldn't keep up with work; I was weak, tired and in pain all the time. Oh by the way, I now have Diabeties, Gout as well. After the 2nd Pancreatitus attack the doctors said that I needed my GallBladder removed.  They said I had stones and sludge within my gallbladder area and if I have surgery this would eliminate my back pain as well.  So on May 9th 08', I had (Laparoscopic GallBladder Surgery) without knowing of any side effects; because that was never explained to me.  NOT SURE IF THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA!!!  Since then I've been to see my family doctor several times because of Chronic Severe pain in my right flank area that at times shoots up my back into my shoulder blades and neck area.  He did blood work, urine test etc. He gave me a prescription for pain MEDS and sent me to the ER for a CT scan.  I went to the ER for CT sceen and more blood work, urine test etc.etc.  They couldn't find anything. The only thing that they found was metal surgical clips in my gallbladder area.  Is this normal??? So I went back to my family doctor who recommded that I see an Orthopaedic doctor.  I went there several times, they did testing, X-RAY's, MRI's etc.etc.  They said I needed to see an Urologist.  I went to see the Urologist several times, they did some more test i.e. blood work, CT scan, urine test etc.  He said that I had a csyt on my right kidney and that could be causing all my pain.  So I went and had the csyt drained.  However, this was not causing the pain because I still have chronic pain in my right flank area.  It's even worse than ever before.  No one has diagnosed the problem properly.  I've been to every doctor including Gastrontestinal Specialist.  I need HELP badly.  I'm lost as to what to do next.  I can't work or doing anything because I'm in constant pain and depressed. Could I have Chronic Pancreatitus??? or could a nerve have been damaged during surgery???  Please any help would be appreciated.
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Clips are 'normal.' They're there to seal off the cystic duct. You should only have one; max two.

As far as the pain, please see the following information: http://hopkins-gi.nts.jhu.edu/pages/latin/templates/index.cfm?pg=disease1&organ=3&disease=12&lang_id=1

You're not nuts and if it's what I think it is (SOD), it's unfortuantely not that unusual. If it is SOD you're going to need a doc with a brain in his/her head, that actually knows about this condition and is willing to work with you on it.

In the meantime, you need to ask about having an MRCP to try to see if there's any stray sludge or stones in the common bile duct. You also want to find out if there are structural changes in the biliary tract. If at any time you consider having an ERCP done it MUST be done with manometry. If a doc even proposes doing the test without it, RUN to another doc.

In the meantime, talk about using specific anti-spasm meds, specific calcium channel blockers or nitroglycerin (not for the heart in this case) to see if you can knock back the pain. If it is SOD, any narcotic or narcotic-like meds may increase the discomfort because they raise the pressure in the ducts.

You should also be following a low fat diet.
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Thank-you very much for responding back.  I've thought I was going crazy. I never heard of SOD before.  If it is SOD can it be cured? The doctor who performed my surgery now wants to send to a PAIN MANAGEMENT doctor.
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