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Chronic SEVERE Stomach Pain!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

About a year and a half ago I had a (2nd) hernia repair surgery.  At first the doctor didn't THINK I had another hernia, however because I was insistent he agreed to do an outpatient laproscopy to see if perhaps I was right and I DID have another hernia.  We decided that if I did have a hernia he was going to reinforce my whole stomach with mesh which I agreed to.  Well, I was right and he did the surgery to reinforce my stomach.
Now here's where the problem lies; after he did the surgery I would have severe, yet intermittent, pain in my stomach which would go away relatively quick.  Now I'm having CONSTANT (past three MONTHS), severe pain in my stomach and NOTHING helps.  Intercourse is out of the question due to the severe pain I have during, and even after, intimacy.  The pain is a burning, stabbing, indescribable type of pain and its mainly like behind my belly button.  I've been to the E.R. NUMEROUS times and the pain has been diagnosed as everything from ovarian cysts, stomach viruses, to so many bladder infections it's not even funny.  They give me pain medication, antibiotics, you name it, they've tried it but nothing EVER works.  NOW the pain is affecting my sleep and everyday LIFE!!!  I'm absolutely MISERABLE.  I DO have an appointment with a gastroenterology specialist on October 22, 2012 and I need help in helping the doctor even know WHERE to start with finding out what is wrong with my stomach so I can have my life BACK!!!  ANY help, or even IDEAS, are SO appreciated and NEEDED!!!!! PLEASE ASSIST!!!!!
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