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Chronic Vomiting

My husband who is 27 years old has been chronically vomitting for 6 years now. We have been to every doctor we know to go to from Gastroenterologist, Neurologist & Psychologist. Nothing has helped. He has tried every medication from mirgrane medications, anti-vomiting you name it he has probably taken it. He even went to the extreme and two months ago had his gallbladder removed in hopes that would be the problem and nothing at all has been sucessfull. He has been treated for H. Plyori, Chron's and Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome! If there is anyone out there who has a simialr problem and/or suggestion please help!

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21 M-  sounds like I have the same problem.  It began about 3-4 years ago where I could be in the middle of work or deep sleep and I will feel these huge waves of nausea.  Had all the same tests and scopes and nothing as helped.  Like you I have been prescribed with anti-migraine medicine, but does nothing.  For me the best way to get rid of the nausea is to sleep a good day or night, but its a little hard to sleep when you have to puke every 20 min.  Water, Gatorade and simple crackers cant stay down when I'm in the middle of my episodes and it feels like I get super dehydrated and need to chug water just to feel a second of relief and to help with the stomach acid. Good luck and if you find anything that works, please post back.  Like you I don't want to be sick anymore and its not only physically painful, but mental frustration too. If you can you might want to try some marijuana,  The only thing you can do is treat the symptoms at this point and it seems to help with the physical pain and gets me to sip water without puking.  Doctors don't know what to tell me, so i'm asking everyone.    
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