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Chronic diarrhea and vomiting during sleep

My girlfriend has chronc diarrhea with blood, her doctors don't seem to know why, they think possibly chroans disease. She has polyps in her stomach and she wakes up with vomit in her mouth. They prescribed nexium and prevacid but even 4 nexium a day don't help. She is now occasionally losing consciousness but they don't know if that is related. Can anyone suggest what this could be, her condition is wousening and we can't seem to get a good diagnosis. She is in the Miami area, maybe someone could also refer me to a good GI specialist. Any help is appreciated.
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Has your friend had a colonoscopy to find out.  I have ulcerative colitis and the symptoms were similar without the vomiting.  As soon as i had a colonoscopy they knew straight away.  If she hasn't had one i am very surprised.  As soon as there is blood in her stools that should set off some alarm bells straight away.
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