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Chronic diarrhea


(I'll be seeing my doctor in a few days)

Basically, I've had nearly continuous diarrhea for years now...why didn't I see a doctor? Didn't really bother me that much...I was just used to it.

Anyway, the symptoms I'm having are:

(sorry for the details) Diarrhea: usually dark brown, no redness, can be a paler brown or very liquidy and yellow (burns a little too). It kicks in usually after I've just eaten (within minutes or immediately (sometimes)) and has me going back to the bathroom at least 2 more times afterwards...each time it becomes more liquidy.

Blood: I've had blood twice now, each time was within a fortnight period...hasn't happened in months though. When it did happen I wasn't too upset because I assumed it was because of a hemeroid (there was stinging around the anus, the sort of pain I'd get when I'd have hemeroids (which is on occasion mostly because of all the damn wiping)).

Gas: I break wind a lot during the diarrhea, happens sometimes during the day...when it does it's usually kind of smelly (eggs).

No abdominal pain.
No constipation (well, it's rare).
A little bloating...perhaps minor bloating sometimes after dinner (but I do eat a lot :D)
No nausea or vomiting.
No tiredness.

I work out regularly (45 minutes on a treadmill).
I eat some vegetables with dinner.
I don't smoke.
I drink often.

I drink buckets of Pepsi Max (which I've just stopped doing).

Any ideas as to what this could be?
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Almost forgot:

26 yo, male
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Ugh, forgot another one: the blood on the toilet paper was the size of a 20c piece and bright red.
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Your symptoms could be many things.  I imagine your doctor will want to do a colonoscoopy to check things out.  It could be Crohn's, or simply IBS.  The good news is that there are medications out there that can control the diarrhea.  You are doing the right thing by seeing your doc.  Good luck.  
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