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Chronic lower right abdominal pain?

Here's a "tuffy". For over 2 years now I’ve had lower right abdominal pain.  It comes and it goes, I have good days and I have ER days.  So far I’ve had CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, gastrocsopies, one ultrasound, EKG, blood and urine tests.  I’ve been at the ER crippled over 25 times and saw my family physician over 10 times…yes, that means I also tried a whole lot of prescriptions.  I had no diagnosis for IBS but still my physician had me tried some antispasmodics, dicetel, etc…all did nothing to help.  I’ve also been on gluten and lactose free diets.  I tried acupuncture, chiropractics and physiotherapy.  All those ruled out a lot of common things.

New symptoms came along since it all started but I keep being told I’m fine.  Complete lack of energy, loss of appetite, weight loss, really bad weakness, irritability, heavy heartbeats.  Generally I feel 80 years old but I’m just a 37 young man.  The only consistent symptom since the beginning is lower right abdominal pain and sensitive tenderness in that area.  I was also told the area is hard and guarded, whatever that means. So far, the only things I found slightly helpful are simple glutathione related supplements like SAMe and NAC along with sublingual B12 but their effects are slowly declining.

By now I thought I would have met an open minded physician that would have at least offered exploration surgery.  I even met a surgeon but he denied and said the only thing in that area is the appendix and it cannot hurt for long periods.  I’m just looking for opinions or suggestions on where to go from here?  I feel like something is slowly killing me and it originates from the lower right quadrant.  I just want my life back, please.
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Hi, besides appendicitis, amoebiasis can cause the symptoms described by you. Amoebiasis is an infection, which can cause similar symptoms of pain. Treatment for uncomplicated cases of amebiasis generally consists of a ten-day course of metronidazole given by mouth. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. Regards.
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