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Clindomycin related problem

I had my gallbladder removed December 12th. After about a week I felt pretty good and was not having many problems with food. Than a week ago I had a terrible headache, low grade fever, chills, severe nausea, abdomen distension, and redness around the navel that was warm to the touch. Since my surgeon was in surgery, I saw my internist who immediately put a call in to my surgeon because he felt sure I had an infection. Someone from my doctor'sdepartment called in a prescripton for clindomycin. I feel somewhat better but I still have pain in my abdomen, nausea, chills, abdomen distention. I saw the surgeon two days ago and he has ordered a CT scan. After reading the entries about other people's problems, I am wondering if I should see a gastrointerologist. Could the clindomycin have caused my problems that I am still having? I have a very strange colored stool, it is the color of betadine. Help!

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