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Cloud around stool


I have noticed that if I leave my stool in toilet (water) for some time (like 15+ minutes... and I am not doing it on purpose, I just forget to flush) a colored cloud starts leaking out of it. The cloud has brown/red/yellow color and keep floating just around the stool and doesn't color the whole water in the toilet bowl.

My bowel movements are fine and the poop itself has nice brown orange with no colored spots.

Could it be just the stool color dissolving into the water? Because after I while, the stool has more pale color (like its lacking its color).

I even managed to make a photo, but please be advised - this is a highly NFSW image and don't click on it if you are easily grossed out!


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Did you figure anything out? Please see my other comments on this thread
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Did you find any answers to your questions? I have this similar problem for last 5 years. Because some days it had too much burgundy in it I was worried it was blood. I did multiple tests and even colonoscopy - nothing abnormal was found. 5 years later it is still there - I noticed more of it would come with spicy food or alcohol. I am sure there is reasons and explanations, but I couldn't find any yet.  
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I also have this same issue guys! Would love to get this resolved
Hello ice32123.  Do you have the only issue being when stool is left in your toilet and this appears or do you have any other symptoms?
Hi I have this too. Any updates would be greatly appreciated. I had endoscopy, colonoscopy, and EUS. Nothing abnormal only fatty spot in pancreas. I also was diagnosed with mild SIBO.
I also have hEDS and am a CF carrier.
Please help!
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