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Colitis (Microscopic?) subject help!!

I havent been diagnosed with Microscopic Colitis by my doctor but i know its exactly what I have.
Does anyone have this that could tell me their symptoms and/or what their medication is and what foods they eat?

Especially what their symptoms are.... i know i can look them up on google and WebMD etc etc but i want to know an actual humans symptoms that have MC...

i get sick almost everytime after i eat, i have continual loose stool that turns into diarrhea, gassy and basically i cant function.. i have an appointment with my doc tomorrow but im trying to find out more about this so i can talk properly about it to her.  

I am in nursing school and i have classroom and clinicals that if you miss one day your  practically out of the program... and with this undiagnosed problem i cant function at all. please help me and clue me in on your symptoms what your treatment is and/or how your dealing with this MC or any type of colitis.

thanks so much in advance :/
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BTW- im a 23 year old female, i am 5'2 and weigh 90lbs.
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We could give you a list of symptoms and they'd probably match what you're currently experiencing, BUT there are so many different conditions that have exactly the SAME symptoms and those conditions could range from less severe to very severe. That's why it's much, much better to get a colonoscopy done - make sure they take biopsies - and find out if you DO have MC.

MC is a form of inflammatory bowel disease and, as such, should be treated as one. Which would meant using drugs that are used for IBDs. In addtiion, some with MC - depending upon the form of MC they have - find that diet have have a big impact on the disease. For some that means no diary, for others they respond to a gluten-free diet.

Please don't go self-diagnosing until you have some test results in hand. Make sure you ask to be tested - request the colonoscopy and MAKE SURE biopsies are done. I emphasize that because many docs are reluctant to do them unless they see something at the surface of the lumen, and with MC that may not be the case. Make sure you get written copies of every test that is done, too, and read through them yourself.
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