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Colonoscopy Friday

Hey All,

Well I scheduled a colonoscopy for this Friday.  I'm a worrier and I know I am being overly worried, but of course I'm worried about colon cancer.  My great grandma died of colon cancer... and other colon problems run in the family, like IBS and polyps.  And of course everyone in my family that has had these problems were much much older than I.  I'm 27/M in great shape, I lift weights, going to college, raising my son, very busy!

Anyway I have had bowel problems IBS for a long time, but I have noticed over the past year an increase in a slight amount of blood when im at the end of my "wipe".  The other day I passed some bloody mucous, which was pretty nasty.  I think my rectum is irritated or I have horrible hemorroids from my IBS and going a lot.  I know at my age the likely hood of cancer is VERY low, but I'm still worried about it.

My doc said that its probably hemorroids or inflammitory bowel disease.

Have any of you out there gone through something similar?

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how was colonoscopy. where results ok. i'm waiting to go for one
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Hey, thanks for the response!

Well it went okay I guess.  I had two polyps removed.  Which really suprised me and my doctor.  He said don't worry about the polyps because they are almost always benign and he was able to fully remove both of them.  I guess your never too young,I'm 27, to start developing stuff like this, I just thank god I had symptoms!

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