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Colonoscopy Newbie

I'm due for my first ever colonoscopy in two weeks. It is strictly a routine procedure...and was recommended by my PCP since I am now over 50 years old. Needless to say I have all the usual jitters...and worse yet I have read almost ever horror story ever uploaded to the internet. I know that the prep sucks....and that submitting to the actual procedure is a crapshoot. It will either be painless and non-eventful or else a Hellish experience. I guess I'm OK with taking my chances. That said, my biggest worry is what happens afterwards. I've seen some Youtube videos of people completely out of their head and talking nonsense. What is even worse is that their family members were let into the recovery room while they were still coming out of the anesthesia. I have to rely on my parents to drive me to and from...but I told them I wanted them to come home in between...and that I would call them when I was ready to be picked up. The information leaflet the doctors office sent me keeps saying you must have someone with you and that they wont don the procedure unless someone is with you. My question to you all is if my parents drop me off...can they leave for a couple hours and return to get me? I don't want them sitting in the waiting area for 3 hours...and I especially don't want to emerge for anesthesia to find them huddling around my bed watching me fart and talk like a drunkard. Those Youtube videos aren't (expletive) funny IMHO and I don't want to serve as entertainment for my family. Strange concern I guess....but would you want your 80 year old parents helping you get dressed because you are too out of it too do it yourself? Any advice would be appreciated. Do i have say on who comes to visit me in recovery?
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Hello- I am about your age and about to have my 4th colonoscopy (polyops were found and 1 ugly one they have to keep checking on).  I would say that the worst part for me is the no coffee or eating the day prior.  I can handle the clean out - start early & stay home!  Have a pad, towel, or Depends for night available, just in case.  The procedure for me has always been smooth.  My mom stayed there one time, my husband the other times.  They were not let into my recovery area until I was pretty much alert and dressed.  No issues.  You might be a little "off" but not goofy or anything - just wobbly?  hungry?  I recovered nicely every time except for 1.  I was so pumped full of air and then drank some specialty coffee with milk, so I ended up with stomach pains.  Might be a good idea to eat bland.  Good luck and try not to worry.
Thank You for your reply. I hope my procedure goes just as you described....uneventful, that is. Having done a lot of online research...too much perhaps LOL...one thing is can say for certain is that there is so much variation in people's experiences and variation in the way Dr's conduct procedures. The process and stories coming out of the UK are another matter entirely...they use low to no sedation over there. I guess I'm so confused by why some people can, or will do it without sedation and be just fine...where others have a Hellish time even with sedation. I guess it's a lottery as to how each of us goes through the process.
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So, I can give you my 411 from accompanying my husband two times for his coloscopy.  He says the worst part is the liquid you drink the night before.  With regards to the procedure, no discomfort.  However, he also has NO idea what happened in recovery.  That's the good news.  You will remember nothing.  The first time he had it done, he laid in recovery and with assistance by me, got dressed and I was able to get him to the car just fine. He said nothing to strange or silly.  He DID have incredibly loud flatulence.  As did all the others nearby.  It's a loud place in recovery for that reason.  Toot city.  

The second colonoscopy was more difficult in the recovery room.  My husband was indeed out of it.  He did not want to get dressed but when it was made clear by the nurse that it was TIME, he got his clothes halfway on refusing assistance and wanted to just stop here.  No Bueno. Had to insist he let me pull his pants up. Then he had difficulty walking.  So, they got him in a wheel chair and met me at the side door and helped him into my van. We got home and I helped him into the house.  He slept the rest of the afternoon.  He had chicken noodle soup for diner and was becoming more himself as each minute passed.  Mostly was just sleepy.  Then bam, fine.  

Nothing too dramatic. And you won't remember it. But you WILL need someone to get you there and help you.  And if they love you, they won't judge you.  :>)
PS:  my husband had NO discomfort regarding the actual procedure either time.
One last comment, sorry.  They do make a new system that I fondly call "poop in a box".  It's an alternative that many insurance companies go for because it is much cheaper.  You basically get a kit, put this liner thing in your toilet, take your poop, drop some drops they give you into the liner with your poop, seal it and send it off in the prepackaged envelope.  They analyze it and get back to you and it is about 95 percent accurate. The only downside is that if you have a positive result, you have to have the colonoscopy.  But if negative, you're done.
Thank-you for the reply. It sounds almost as if they give people too much sedation. BTW I just got off of the phone with the endoscopy nurse and she told me that I was one of the first patients that day...and that my particular Doctor was "very quick"...she said I would be discharged around 1 hour after the start time of my procedure. I probably have 30 minutes to get my head clear...as by that point...and in their POV I am taking up space. Sounds like an assembly line. The fact that the Dr. is "quick" worries me...I think he dopes up people big time, rams the thing up there abruptly...since they can definitely feel it but won't remember it at all afterward :0  That's the scary part about Versed and "conscious sedation"...it is like sleep paralysis....you cannot move or scream out, but in the blackness...you feel excruciating pain.
It's done. They used propofol on me. Amazing stuff. I felt the probe going in...ouch!!...next thing I knew I was awakened by a sharp pain in my left side and I then heard the doctor say "you are finished." In the span of about a half hour I went from being wide awake, to being in a 15 minute long coma, to being discharged (wide awake) and walking out to the valet area on my own two feet. No "drunkenness" and hours long recovery time. The only drawback to Propofol sedation is that it must be done in a hospital under anesthetist supervision...which according to the statement I just received costs $7100. Absolutely ridiculous for a 15 minute long procedure.
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