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Colonoscopy and Scared!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I went i nto have some blood tests done and all was fine............I have been on a health kick all this year (lost 40 pounds and brought down my cholesterol, triglycerides 55....basically pretty healthy.
I started having constipation, so upped my fiber...but sometimes straining to go to bathroom, belching and burping, white spots in stool and yesterday a little blood in the stool. At the time I met with the gastro doctor, was asked if I had blood in stool and I hadn't then. I spoke with someone in his office yesterday and told her about the blood and she said, oh that's not natural.......scared me to death as I had a friend who died of colon cancer six years ago...
Don't have a history of it in family, but keep feeling gassy all day and eat healthy and trying not to drink coffee.....which is my only vice.

I have my colonoscopy scheduled for the 19th of December and doctor wants to run a tube down my esophagus to see what else is going on in there right after that; should I do that test before the colonoscopy?

What else could it be and should I be doing anything else?  I also had an abdominal ultrasound done last week and everything turned out normal.

I carry arounf 40-50 pounds of stenographer equipment everyday, so just wondering if I could have ruptured something.

Can someone shed some light on what might be going on?

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Oh wow, how scary is that? Yeah, I never trust the government to get involved. It was hard enough and scary enough to take her to the mental health hospital. She had to be there for a mandatory 72 hours. There was no backing out once the ball was set in motion. She had to stay at least 72 hours. I didn't really like that at all. I mean, I'm her parent. I should be able to say I want to pick her up earlier than that, you know? But it was for the best, I think. It really opened her eyes up. But boy, oh boy, that was the hardest thing I've ever done.
You poor thing. You sure have gone through a lot yourself. Do you get to at least have contact with her? Are you allowed to call or write? I will definately be praying that she won't be brainwashed. I will pray that God will protect her mind and spirit.
You sound like a very caring mom who wants the best for her child. I hope this time will go by fast for you. I hope it goes by fast for me too! :) Sometimes I wish we could just jump over these difficult years and get them to adulthood. If you ever need to talk or have someone to pray with, I'm here! Also, if you would like the name of an Internet Christian prayer site that I visit a lot, I'll give that site name to you. Can't hurt to have as many prayers as possible!

Please try to not worry about the colonsocpy. Now I remember the name of the drink! It was the EZ Prep! It's not too bad of a taste. It has a slight lemon taste to it. I didn't experience any cramping, just had to run to the toilet as soon as the drink hit! It's just for one night. It's not so bad. There is no pain. Don't worry. I know we tend to build things up in our minds so much! And it's never as bad as we let our imaginations see it! Just remember that! Once I got there, they had me lay down on a hospital bed and covered me with a blanket and I had a pillow under my head. I was ready to fall asleep before they even gave me any meds! It was early in the morning. I'm not a morning person to begin with, lol.
It would seem wise and prudent for you to get this done considering your family history. The waiting is the worst. Don't let your imagination run wild. Just find some scriptures that will give you comfort and pray. I'll try and find some for you too. When do you get this done again? Let me know.
Take care. Good to hear from you. Keep in touch! God bless!
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Smilie, Ebjb, Athleet....Where are you guys???!!! I haven't heard from you guys in days! Do you realize we were on page 5??!! What, have you forgotten your gastro family now? Are you too good for us now?? Just kidding! :) But I do miss you guys. I don't want us to forget each other. We've come too far to just forget each other now, don't you think? Is everyone ok? Please write back! I miss you all!! :(
Hope to hear from you guys soon! I pray you had a blessed weekend and that God's blessings will continue to shower over you all. Peace!
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Yo April, I'm here. Thanks for asking! I've been reading what you and Lady are writing about your daughters and you're scaring me to death! My little girl is about to turn 9. She is the love of my life as is my 6 year old son. Like I've said before, they are the reason I'm still alive. Now I wonder how I'm going to keep my little girl from going through what your daughters are going through. Any advice?

Lady, I've had 2 surgeries and numberous procedures in the last 2 years and the colonoscopy was one of the easiest. I had to drink something called Fleet. I had to have 2 rounds because my procedure was in the late afternoon. So they had me take one round the night before and another round the day of. Yes, I spent a lot of time on the toilet and I was very hungry and weak. But the doctor thanked me for doing such a good job of cleaning out my system so he could see everything. The procedure for me was 100% painless during and afterwards. I would have never known anyone was down or up me (I also had an endo at the same time). I also lost weight and was nice and clean from the Fleet. Don't worry if you don't end with clear fluids coming out of you. That's normal. As long as it gets more transparent as you get closer to the end. I was so happy to hear that I didn't have anything and didn't even have a polyp, that now I plan to have colons reguarly so that if anything ever does develop it will be so small we can get rid of it before it turns into something. So please stop worrying. Your worry is the worst thing that will happen.

Ok that's all I have for now. April, now you need to shout out at Smilie and Eb!

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I'm here, guys. Just been dealing with a lot of personal issues. I'm getting ready to put my house on the market to sell. It's kind of scary. My daughter that lives with me is moving to Dallas the end of May for a fresh beginning. (Remember my son live in Dallas)So that leaves me in this big house all by my lonesome. I decided that I no longer need all of this space so on the market it goes. It's just a house....yeah, memories are here, but we can create some new ones. The way I look at life these days is...all the material things around me is just stuff, and that's it. Why do I need to have all of this around me..when I really want to be free of all the maintenance and upkeep?  Like a teacher friend of mine said a couple of weeks ago, Life is like the game, Monopoly....you start off taking all the pieces out of the box, buying as many properties that you can and then one day have to put everything back into the box.  Makes sense to me. It's time for me to get really involved in life and ask God what can I do for Him. He;s done so much for me and my family.

Anyway, this is for  ladyvalkerie....please don't be scared of the colonoscopy. The drink is the worst part of the whole darn thing. The procedure was over before I knew it. I did have a polyp and everyone here on the thread prayed for me. I never felt scared during or after the procedure....I was concerned when the doc said that I had a polyp. It turned out to be nothing. It was benign. A lot of them are, I've been told. But since you are on here with us now, you know all too well that we are a bunch of worry warts (especially Athleet and myself) EBJB, Greg And April have really kept us all together and sane. Yes, that's right. So, just take a day at a time and know that lots of prayers get answered here. We are known as the "Gastro Cheerlading Team"

I will also pray for you and your family. April knows that I had some issues with my daughter while she was growing up. Believe me, it will pass. My daughter couldn't be more loving now. I know that it doesn't help while you're going through issues with your kids, but with everyone on here praying...it will help. Just hang in there and let us know how the colonoscopy goes.

To everyone else............I love you guys and apologize for not being on here as much, but also dealing with personal issues like everybody else and don't want to whine on everybody's shoulders at this point. I know you all are here to listen to me. But I'm definitely having some "holy' moments right now and trying to dedicate some time to being in the stillness of life. Hope that makes sense. But all in all, I will try to write more often.


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Hi All,
There's a movie, I think it's called "The Good Mother," with Diane Keaton in it, about a mom who was divorced and met a new man, and while home life was good, the ex jumped in, and all hell broke loose.

I had a tough time in my teens, hormones made me crazy, almost wound up in reform school.  Looking back, perhaps it would have helped me, I don't know.  But in today's times, with the danger of drugs, putting a child in a different environment might be okay, at least a good psychologist for them is key.

I had to sell a home that I lived in for 20 years.  Since it was emotionally hard for me, I suppose I could offer a couple tips.  There are unconscious anger issues involved in such things, so it's a good idea to get in touch with those feelings NOW, gotta get it out in a real big way.  A move during hardship is not like any other move, so unpack and settle completely and rapidly, hire help beyond just movers to keep the yard up and to clean in the beginning, and make sure you have plenty of money left in the bank, and I mean plenty.
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Thanks for the words of encouragement. I originally purchased the home with my ex-husband ten years ago. I have had to do so many renovations to it. I think I could have purchased a new home for about the same amount.

Anyway, it's time to let go and get on to something better in life. I feel like I have a ball and chain attached when it comes to that house. Even though I would really like to be finished with the house itself, maybe it's not finished with me. You know what I mean? I feel as if I had someone that could keep up with the day-to-day maintenance on it, things would not have gotten out of hand. But with me working so much and all, it's been tough. My daughter has her hands full, taking care of a baby....she really tries to help keep some order in the house. Her husband works all day and the goes to school. So, in essence, my house is more like a hotel with a revolving door.

I remember when I was young and had no attachments in life, other than to take care of myself...boy, those were the days. Don't get me wrong...I love my children. I couldn't imagine life without them. But to be carefree again and not have the responsibilities of making sure the lawn was done, cleaning the pool, making repairs to plumbing, electric, and other items in the house..........GOD FORGIVE ME. here I am complaining about all the abundance that you;'ve given me.......I am so BLESSED to have all the stuff that I have, but it's just stuff. I can live without all of that, but not my family.

G, when you said, unconscious anger issues, what did you mean by that????? Did I just describe that?

A move is a hardship. I need to take one step at a time. I want to get past all of this one day at a time. I'm just spending entirely too much money on upkeep that I could be saving for retirement and whatnot.

That's my beef for the day...........how are you feeling these days? You always give such great advice to people on this site. Sometimes I'm reading through and see your name on several posts.

It's a Godsend that you take time out and listen to all of our complaints...and then offer some free, much needed (and always wanted) advice.

Whew....I'm really relying on a lot of people to assist me in getting my house sold. I'm going to take a giant leap of faith and see where life will take me....

Take care of yourself and chime in anytime,

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How's the hearburn lately?  Have you found anything that would calm it down in addition to a different diet?  I'm been getting it a lot lately as well. I carry Tums around all day in case it flares up. And I take Aciphex once a day. I suppose that I'll be on some type of medicine for this the rest of my life. You might have to do the same.

How is your daughter doing? I wanted to ask you about her schoolwork. Has she made decent grades in school this year? I know that when kids  are causing concerns at home, that usually their grades suffer. Do you get to spend quality time with her on a regular basis???? I know it's difficult at times to do that, but in the end it will be beneficial.  I believe that children are sent here, not only for us to learn from the experience of raising them, but they are also a mirror image of us at some point in our lives. We don't want to admit it, but they are.

Let me know how things are, okay?


Hey, how are you doing these days???? haven't heard too much from you and wanted you to know that I have thought a lot about you and the guilt that you're going through. I will get to that in a pm to you.

I wanted to talk to you about your vertigo....What kind of symptoms did you have and how was it diagnosed??? Boy, if it's not one thing,it's another. Anyway, I feel lightheaded and dizzy, had an ekg and everything is fine. BP is and pulse are normal. I feel dazed and stumble a little bit. It feels like my head and eyes are going one way and my body another. Can you enlighten me on what was happening to you........



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Sorry guys I haven't been on - had some more health issues - if you remember I also had a cystoscopy as well as a colonoscopy in the same week. The cystoscopy showed a tube into my bladder was narrowed and they stretched it which alleviated the pain I had been having in the mornings when I woke up. However the pain is back so I guess I will have to go through it all again - not getting much sleep. I have also had some severe shoulder pain for about 10 days and had to have a Cortisone Injection into my shoulder on Tuesday which was really sore and I'm not sure if it has helped as much as I thought it would. I have to go back a week on Tuesday to see if I need another injection. That pain is stopping me from sleeping too so I'm feeling a bit miserable with all these pains.

Anyway, enough of my problems.

Ladyvalkerie - I will be praying for you Friday that you don't suffer any pain during the prep for your colonoscopy and that you don't remember anything about it. I will pray even more that your results are clear. We will all be with you in spirit as we were for each other during our colonoscopies - do as we did and think of all the love and caring we have for each other.

Athleet - how are you? Hope you have got to the stage of forgiving yourself - sometimes we just have to forgive ourselves for the sins we commit before we realise that God already forgave us!

April - I hope things are better for your daughter and also for Lady Valkerie's daughter. Ggreg gave you what it was like for her as a teenager and she's turned out OK so things will change once the hormones settle down for your girls I'm sure.

Smilie - have you had your eyes tested - if you need (new) glasses, sometimes that can make you feel dizzy but also having your eyes tested can check out other things too. Worth a try if you haven't already done that. Hope you feel better soon.

Everybody - sorry must go - finding it hard to type with my shoulder being so sore - when I reach out my shoulder aches. Even if I'm not on the forum be assured I am thinking of you all and praying for you all. Lots of love to you all.

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EBJB, it's so good to hear from you again! I had wondered what happened to you. I'm so sorry about all that you're going through. I sure hope they can get you to feeling good in no time. You're in my prayers!
Smilie, I'm sorry you're going through a rough time too. Remember, we're all here for each other. Maybe this move will be a good thing. A new, fresh start. I'll be praying for you too.
LadyV, I'll be praying for you tomorrow. Let us know how you're doing.
Ggregg, Thanks for sharing your story. It does help to remember that the teenage years don't last forever and there is hope! :)

Athleet, please don't worry needlessly about your daughter. Take all this with a grain of salt and remember that each child is different. And consider this a good thing. Hearing all our stories will make you more aware of what's out there so you can better protect and watch out for your daughter! When I look back, I realize that God tried to warn me so many times on different things going on with my daughter but I was too blind. I was so niave and trusting. I never believed this could happen to my family. Well, it can. It can happen to anyone. Just stay on top of things. Always know her friends and where she's going. Put a moniter on your computer, if you don't have one yet. We use SpectorSoft. It was the best $100 we ever spent. It moniters everything, every email, every website visited, everything. I think every parent should have one. Our kids know we have it too. We haven't tried to hide it. And I let my daughter have a Myspace only with us knowing her password and being allowed to check it whenever we want. You have to really watch that Myspace! And when your daughter's a teen, you can always come back to us for advice because we will have been through all that already! One more thing that's really important. Be a good dad to her. Try and spend one on one time with her often and talk to her a lot. That's the most important thing!

Take care everybody and keep in touch! If anybody's going through a hard time, just remember that we're all here for each other. God bless you, my friends.
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Not much time, just checking in.
Smilie: My dizziness didn't involve lightheadedness. It only occurs when I move my head, turn around, or watch spinning things. Dizziness is the #2 most common reason for seeing a doctor. 50% never know why they have it. Its very hard to diagnose. You have to undergo a billion tests on a billion different parts of your body, as dizziness can come from just about any part of your body. It could be as simple as a low iron count. A blood test will find that. It could be in your eyes, your ears, your brain, your neck, your blood pressure, your heart, your legs. It took me 2 years, thousands of drugs, doctors, tests to finally find that I have a damaged inner ear that cannot be operated on. In other words, I have it for life. Losing your balance is a cue. What other symptoms do you have?

April, thanks for the advice regarding my daughter. I really want to know what signs your daughter gave you, and why you didn't see them. I work so many hours that I only see my kids for a few minutes per day sometimes. I try to spend time with them, but my job is really demanding.

Eb, I'm sorry your not feeling well. Darn shoulder!

All, I'm doing a little better on my guilt and shame. I pray to God everyday to ease my anxiety over it. It helps that I havent been harassed since Feb. 19th. And I've avoided temptations. In other words I've been good and plan to stay that way.

Still having stomach aches, need to see a gastro about it. Even though they aren't as bad as when I had my GB, they are still happening.

Gotta go, gonna snow
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I'm glad things are looking up for you, Athleet.
As to the signs, if you see your child pulling away more, shutting themselves off in their rooms for hours at a time, getting more moody, no longer willing to talk or have family time, outbursts of anger, secretiveness, hiding things, falling grades, these are all warning flags. While it is normal for a teen to want to spend more time alone or with friends, you shouldn't see that drastic of a change in their moods. I hope that helps. The most important thing is to involve them in wholesome activities, sports, church groups, etc., and spend quality time with each child.
I gotta go to. Take care, all. Talk to you later!
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Is it the end of an era? We were buried again on the 3rd or 4th page and the last posts were from April and myself dated March 7th. Where has everyone gone?
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Hey, you guys....


Well, I've been sick with sinus pressure and a bad cough from the drainage. I feel like I have cabin pressure from being on a plane. When I walk I feel like my equilibrium is off. It makes my eyes hurt and sometimes I'm a little dizzy. I told my doctor about this awhile back, but he said I just have a sinus infection. I'm not going to take a lot of antibiotics for things anymore. I'm not sure what it is. My ears hurt a lot and it feels like I'm just coasting through the day most of the time. It lasts for about a month or so and then goes away. You know that living here on the Gulf Coast we have a lost of humidity and moisture in the air. We also have a lot of pollen in the air as well and I have been coughing all week with a sore throat. I took a trip to Dallas last weekend and was fine. Then the closer that I got to Houston I started getting sick. I'm sure that I have allergies... and have been taking my apple cidar vinegar and it helps......need some other type of alternative medicine, as I'm tired of taking antibiotics.

Anyway, I guess I should go to an ear, nose and throat doc to see if he can find anything that's been causing it. I did go about six months ago and he said that my ears looked clear. Go figure.

I'm okay when I lie down......it alleviates the pressure. I feel like when I have it, I can't make logical decisions......I don't know.

Are you having some issues with your daughter???? April knows that I had a lot of issues with my daughter. Let me ask you this....do you and your wife argue in front of your children or are you affectionate towards each other and letting your children see how much you care for each other?????? I'll address that when you answer me....


How are you feeling?  And how is your daughter????????  Please pray for me, as I pray for all of us everyday that we continue to reach out to each other no matter the situation or circumstances....


Sorry to hear about your shoulder.......are you able to use it yet?  Does the weather make it hurt worse when it's gloomy outside??????  What else have you been up to?


Love you guys,

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Sounds like you have clogged eustacian tubes or eustacian tube disfunction. That's when the canals that flow into your ear get clogged. Those help us with balance, and when they are thrown off you get dizzy, lightheaded, foggy, depressed, etc.. one or both ears can have it. Get it checked as soon as you can by an ENT. The longer you wait the more the fluid will become infected and lead to more problems. Don't be scared, it's not serious.

I'd say my wife and I do both. We argue, but not too bad or violent and we're affectionate, but not too affectionate in front of the kids. I was raised in a very violent home and also a very unaffectionate home. It's hard not to argue in front of the kids, they are always there and we don't start argueing, it just leads to it, and when we realize what's happening we stop. Its never screaming or anything, just voices starting to raise before we cut ourselves off.

I'm glad you returned, I was getting very close to giving up on you guys.

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Hi guys! Sorry haven't been around for a while - so busy. Just wanted to let you know I think of you all often and pray for you all often also. I get the results of my colonoscopy this coming Wednesdy (26th) so will let you know - although they have told me I shouldn't be worried or they would have been in touch with me before this. Still having problems with my shoulder and my bladder problem has returned, so I'm falling apart!

Going away for Easter weekend to a place called Dumfries - only about a 2 hour drive from here - there is a Rock n' Roll Tribute night on Saturday night in an hotel there so we'll have dinner, enjoy the cabaret/dance (and some drinks), stay over and go to a church in Dumfries on Easter Sunday morning.

I wish you all a happy and blessed Easter and send you lots of love and hugs X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0X0
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Eb, glad to at least hear from you. Hey, I'm really into rock so please when you get the chance, let me know all about that tribute concert you went to. What bands did they pay tribute too? Do you guys have the same Easter traditions as us? Easter bunny, Easter eggs, candy?
Let me know
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Yes I'll let you know but if you google Vince Hughes you'll see all about him!  Yes, we have the same Easter traditions as you. The kids love the Easter egg hunt and we have the Easter bunny, Easter eggs, etc etc.

Hope you are well. Will get in touch when I get back. Take care and have a very happy Easter. Lotsaluv

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Arguing is partly a power play and partly insecurity about whether a spouse loves the other.  But mostly it has to do with each individual's stresses in life.  Therefore, my prescription to you, if you want to cash it in, is most weekends take your wife with you for a long walk.  

This does several things at one time:  Walking relaxes a person, so the stresses of the week fall away.  And it sort of puts you into a hypnotic rhythm, which opens up free-style talk about all sorts of stuff that's stuck inside.  It also gives fresh air, trees, and nature first place, and thus grounds a person, making one feel more self-confident and real.  And with someone at your side instead of "in your face," that position alone takes away the adversarial pose.  Lastly, walking releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone, and you can't get mad when you feel good.

Jesus walked everywhere.
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Hi everybody! I hope you all are well. I've been busy the last two weeks with watching a couple of kids. But I'm finally making some money! I'm going to just save, save, save and then start paying off our debt. I haven't forgotten any of you! I hope we will still stay in touch from time to time.
Athleet, if you're comfortable with it, give me your email address. I've got smilies and eb's. Is your wife ok with you having female friends? I wouldn't want to cause any trouble, of course. :) I just wanted everyone's email addresses so we can stay in touch away from this site too.

I wish you all a wonderful, blessed Easter! As we take this time to reflect on Christ's sacrifice and love for us, may it give us new hope and new beginnings!  
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Gail has a point about taking your wife out for a walk. That really helps me when I'm struggling with life's and it's issues. A walk really never hurt anyone. I think we all forget that we had to walk first in life before we could run and do all the other things that we do. Walking is the best exercise for people.

I know what you mean about your childhood. Mine wasn't all so great either. My mom left us when we were all small. My father raised us as well as he could. I know it was a struggle for him. In the end, it really affected me in all areas of my life. I have really made some bad choices (but am better because of those). It sounds like you really care and respect your wife. And look at all the things she's done for you. We women are really forgiving about a lot of things. Sounds like she is too. Love her for the wonderful person she is and also because she was your wife first, then the mother of your children. Temptation is always going to be out there.........Have FAITH  God and just say to yourself everyday that God's way is better than your way. We obviously have a way of doing things in life and if we don't get any better at making the bad choices, we have to go with God's way...it is better than anything we can do on our own.

I really respect you for all of the hard work that you're putting forth in your marriage. It will work out. Just keep on God's path...the path of everlasting life.


Thanks so much for your message to Athleet. You are one smart cookie!!! How did you get so wise......for me, it's been just geting older. How the heck have you been???? And what are you up to these days?


I sent you a pm....thanks for thinking of me. I pray for you everyday and am so happy you are getting some abundance in your life. We do have it already in our lives, we just have to have the FAITH!!!!!!!


Sorry you've been going through so much!!!!  I would love to hold your hand through all of this...even through all the miles we are apart. Just be brave and let us know about your test results.  We are all praying for you. You hang in there. I love reading your messages.

I will be back on tomorrow,

God Bless and Take Care everybody!!!!!

(I'm getting my house ready to sell...lots of work)


This is the day the Lord has made  (We are still #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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Smilie, I didn't receive a pm from you. Could you perhaps send it again? I don't know what happened but I looked in my inbox and I haven't received a pm since March 19th.

Please keep praying. I had such a good week with my daughter. She actually was grounded this month but that forced us together more. It was almost too good to be true. We had a blow out last night. She acts like she really hates me. I hate this. I cried all night last night. I know I'm not supposed to take this personal but I do. I want a good relationship with her but something always happens that messes things up. Sometimes I wish I could run away all by myself for awhile. I feel sometimes Iike I've lost myself. I've gotten so wrapped up in my daughter and the stress, worries and heartaches over her that I feel like I don't even know who I am anymore. I'm so tired of this. Please keep praying. Thanks.
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Hi there!  Well I got the results from my colonoscopy (eventually!) this morning. They show indications of Crohns disease and they gave me a letter to take to my doctor to give me medication to take for 3 months and then a month without them to see what happens. I am now awaiting an appointment with the Urology clinic so we'll see what happens there.

On a brighter note, had a great weekend at Dumfries - Rock N' Roll tribute dinner/cabaret/dance - danced until 1.00am !  Went to a church in Dumfries for the Easter service on Sunday morning which was lovely. It was a beautiful sunny (but freezing cold!) morning.

April - thanks for your note! I tried sending one back to you but not sure if you got it - let me know, and if you didn't get it, let me know how you did it! I'm so sorry you are having such problems with your daughter. Sounds like you do need a break to re-charge your batteries but I know that's hard to do when you're a mother. I will keep praying for you and for your daughter that things will get better for you.

Take care all of you, and God Bless you all.

Elsa xx

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Hey eb! Great to hear from you. Finally you got a diagnosis! Well, just know that Crohns is treatable. At least you know now what you can do to help. What medications did they give you? They gave me Entocort and Nexium and Flagyl. I'm doing pretty well now. They're going to wean me off the Entocort and all of it, I guess. I go back to see the doc in May and if all's well I won't have to go back unless I start having stomach pain or something!
Thanks for the prayers. Just gotta take one day at a time, right? :)
I did not get a note from you. I don't know why. Could you perhaps send it again? Good to hear from you again and I'm so glad you finally got some news! Take care of yourself and keep in touch. God bless.
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Hey guys! I just thought I'd let you know I'm going in tomorrow to get allergy tested. It should be interesting. We shall see!
Where is everybody???!!!

Come on, gang! Let me know how you're doing! I don't want to lose my medhelp buddies! :(

I hope you all are ok. Write once in awhile so I know you're alive! :) Luv ya guys!
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Hi April,

Hope your allergy testing goes OK. Let me know how you get on.

The medication I got is called Asacol which is brand name of drug called mesalazine .  However when I read the side effects I'm not taking it! Some of the side effects are absolutely awful!  I'm feeling OK at the moment so will leave well alone in the meantime.

Got an appointment to see Urologist again on May 6th - problem that was 'fixed' during cystoscopy (for several weeks) came back again and that's causing me more pain. Don't know which is worse - that morning stomach pain or my shoulder which is still very sore. Falling apart I am !

Anyway, hope the tests go well and you get some answers.

Take care


EB x

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I sent everyone a note. Where is everybody?? How are you all? Everybody ok? I'd still like to keep in touch. We've all grown so close and shared so much.

EB, I'm glad you finally got your results from the colonoscopy. I hope now that they can treat you correctly and will be feeling better real soon.
As to the allergy testing, they tried to do the kind of testing where they stick you with all these little needles in the back but I broke out with everything. They said I couldn't be allergic to everything so they think because it's allergy season that I'm just super sensitive right now. I did know I got seasonal allergies with all the pollon, etc. So now they want to try it through a blood test. I haven't heard back from them yet.
So, how's the weather out there? Speaking of weather, where's our weatherman?? I tried to send him a message three times and it didn't go through. I'm worried that he canceled his account.

Athleet, I'm hoping you can see this. I just wanted to let you know that I did try to send you a message three different times and it didn't go through. Did you cancel your account? I'm hoping you still come on the site at least and check it once in awhile. I don't know how else to get ahold of you. You've got me worried. Everything ok at your house? I'm praying for you. Please know that God is with you no matter what you go through or how bad things can get. Just rely on Him always.

Smilie, how are you feeling? Everything ok? How's the house selling going? Did you sell it already? I know how busy and stressful it can be to move. You're in my prayers.

Ggregg, I hope you're doing fine too. You always have such good advice for everyone. You've been a real service and help to the people on this site.

God bless you guys!!!! Know I'm thinking about you and praying for you! Please take care and write once in awhile and let me know how you all are doing. I miss you guys and all our talks! Take care.
Your friend,

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Hello everyone,
  Yes I'm still here. My computer isn't very fast so it takes a while to load you guys up and when I do sometimes I don't see anything new. Also the weather has kept me very very busy. Had a couple of very long days.
  April I never got your messages and I didn't cancel my account so I don't know what's up.
  I'm doing great in terms of my sinful ways. Haven't gone there and don't plan to. I'm still praying every day and I have a saying that I keep repeating to myself.."It feels good to be good." It really has helped my anxiety and guilt.
However, I spent the day in bed yesterday with a serious case of the runs. I continue to have stomach issues so I finally broke down and made an appointment with a gastro. I see him for the 1st time this Wednesday.
That's all I have, hope you are all doing well. I'll keep checking back.
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Hey! Finally! It's great to hear from you again! I'm glad you're still here.
I'm sorry, though, that you're not feeling well. Let us know what you find out Wednesday, ok?
I don't know what happened either. I tried three times to send you a message and it didn't go through. Weird. I guess I can try it again. At least I know you're still here and that's great news!
Smilie, I got your message. I'm going to write back soon.
Take care all! Write soon and keep in touch! Luv ya all!
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Athleet, I sent you a pm a couple of days ago.......and didn't get a response. Maybe mine didn't go through either. I wil try to resend it.

Sorry you're not feeling well. Maybe your body is run down (like mine) and you just needed some rest. Crazy how we only listen to our bodies when something is hurting. I've been having a few aches and pains lately myself. Trying to deal with them and have made a doc appointment about it.

Please let us know what the doc says after your appointment on Wednesday........you are still our little brother and we do care about you.

I explained in the pm to you that I've been busy getting my house ready to put on the market to sell and that has taken a lot of time. But still that is no excuse for me not staying connected with you guys.........I miss you guys so much!!!!

Also, glad to hear that your past sinful ways are not showing up again. You get a high FIVE  for that!!! LOL

Take care of yourself and stay in touch with us. You can always send us a pm if you want. We don't bite!!!! LOL


I just responded to your pm that you sent me. Thanks for all the prayers and I sent you a long pm........so just reply when you can!!!!  Prayers to you also when you see the gastro doc.

Have a super day!!!!!!!


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Hey Athleet. I tried again for the 4th time to send you a private message and it didn't go through, just like the others. Can you please check on that? You may have to contact Medhelp or something. I don't know what's going on. Please check back with us once in awhile so we know how you're doing.
I'm glad to hear you're working on your temptations. Good for you! How's your walk with the Lord? Are you spending time in prayer and reading the Word? It helps sometimes if you can find a devotional book to work on every day. You can do it in about 15 minutes a day usually.
I'm sorry you're having tummy troubles. Let us know what the doctor says. Keep in touch! It was good to hear from you again. Take care & God bless.
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Thanks for the nice welcome. It makes me feel good to know that you care and I like being called your little bro since i've never been anyone's little brother before.

yes, i guess something must be wrong with my messages because the last pm i've very got from you guys goes back to Feb. So I figured you weren't sending me any. Did they start charging for it? If they did, I didn't get the notice and maybe I dont have an account.

I'll let you know what the tummy doc says. I'm actually looking forward to it. Believe it or not even with all my tests, procedures and the GB removal, I never actually saw a gastro doc. So I'm curious as to what he will tell me is normal and what is not.

I listen to my bible on cd everyday and pray as well. I just don't have the temptation anymore and it helps that I haven't been harrassed or had anything put before me to be temptated to. But like I said, it feels so much better to be good.

Ok I'm going to sign off here and check on my message problem.

Bye sisters!!!
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Athleet, hey what did the gastro say about the stomach? I'm curious to know what he says; hope that you're okay. It's good to have a gastro doc, but I think sometimes that we bring on our illnesses ourselves.

I'm having some stomach discomfort and am going to get a HPylori test next week. I actually went a couple of weeks ago and couldn't get one because you have to be off of antiacids for two weeks. I've been taking Prilosec for a couple of months now, along with a Tums here and there.......so I had to not take them for two weeks before I have the test. Please pray that it's gone. I've had it for awhile and hear unfavorable things about the bacteria. So please pray for me..........as I do for you.

Yes, you "our" little bro. How can we not be concerned about you........look at all the illneses that we've been through...along with everyting else. We haven't gone anywhere and won't.........but please let us know whether you get our pm's or not. Sometimes it's nice to send them away from the board.  Yes, you can be a little more candid when sending a pm.....it's a good thing.

Hey, BTW......are you by any chance reading the book, "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle? If you don't have it or haven't heard about it (I'm sure you .....maybe in the office or out in the field)Anyway, Oprah has a worldwide class on her website every Monday night discussing the book...chapter by chapter........I just listened to Chapter 7 online and I'm learning more about myself. Might want to check it out......stay in touch.

I don't think that MedHElp charges for pm's. April and I send them to each other and rarely had a problem.

Take Care,


Did you get my pm that I sent you? I did respond to yours that you sent the other day.
How is the weather there? We've bee having such nice weather here, OMG......been around 70.....no complaints here.  Please check for the pm that I sent you,

Take care,


How in the world are you doing???? I know I haven't spoken to you in a long time...please catch me up on the what's been going on over in your neck of the woods( that's Texas slang)

I want to know what the doc has told you lately...........are you feeling okay?

Hope to hear from you soon,

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You're right about bringing on the illness ourselves.

Saw the gastro yesterday. He thinks most of my problems are anxiety related. IBS. Possibly the result of the past 3 years dealing with my wife's job change and my past job insecurity as well as the guilt and fear that I told you guys about but didnt tell him, then vertigo, then the sinus infection. He thinks it built up to cause digestive problems.

Here's the kicker: he said I didn't need my gallbladder out. That's what I get for not getting a 2nd opinion I guess. The tests prior to the surgery showed my GB operating at 50%, but the gastro said that's still considered normal since it's above 35%. Too late now!

Anyway, he prescribed a pill to take at night, no I don't remember the name, that is a sleep aid that's suppose to give me a better night's sleep and help me wake up feeling better. He feels between that and more exercise I should notice a difference in about a month. Its a sleeping pill/antidepressant in one!

I forgot to ask him if there is anything I can take when I DO have a tummy ache, but my wife got me antacids and they seem to work.

Good luck with the HP, I'll pray for you.

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Hi Guys,

Sorry to hear you've been unwell Athleet - sometimes after you've had your GB removed alcohol can give you the runs - did you have a few the night before?!  You may just have eaten something that didn't agree with you. You've had such a lot going on that your stomach/bowel is reacting to it all. Hopefully your sleeping aid will help you to get some rest and that the anti-depressant in it will help with your other issues. I do think of you often and pray for you.

April, how did your allergy tests go? How is your daughter? I'm still praying for you.

Smilie, How did your tests go with the HPylori? Hope you get that sorted out soon and how are things with your family? My prayers always include you too.

I got another cortisone injection into my shoulder - GP says I have 'separated shoulder' in the AC joint (whatever that is - I only know it's very painful!) You should see the massive bruise I have where the needle went in!

Going on May 6th to see the Urologist - feel like I'm falling apart.

Never mind, going out today for Chinese buffet with a friend (that'll help my stomach/bowel no end (NOT!!!) and out tonight and tomorrow night with friends - life's too short! - Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday, and all is well ! That and Carpe Diem (Seize the day) are the two mottos I try to live by.

Take care all of you - good to keep in touch. Lots of love and hugs to you all - and Hey Athleet, how does it feel to have all these big sisters  caring for you?! xxx

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Wow, Athleet, that really sucks that you may not have had to get your gallbladder out. I've heard that before from people on here. So sorry. Oh well. What's done is done! Just try and heal up and get enough sleep and eat as healthy as you can. Glad you're ok overall though. We were beginning to think you'd fallen off the end of the earth!
How about you be my BIG brother since you're older that me? Lol.

Eb, sorry I thought I sent you a pm. I'm getting mixed up who I sent one to I guess. The skin allergy test didn't go so well because we're in pollen season right now and my skin was reacting to everything! So, they decided to do a blood test and it all came back negative for food allergies. She said that doesn't mean I don't have sensitivities to certain food, just not allergic. I am however allergic to things like grass, pollen, weeds and dogs and cats, I found out! Which is not good since I have two cats and a dog, lol. Oh well. Just gotta live with it, I guess.
How are you doing?

Smilie, have you sold that house yet? I hope you are doing well too.

Stay in touch everybody! God bless!
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  Been feeling better since I got the little pill. I wake up drowsy. The doc said to make sure I get 6 hours sleep in order to avoid the sleep "hangover" as he called it, but even when I get more than that I still wake up drowsy. However, I've had much less tummy aches. He also told me to avoid what hurts my stomach, so as good as it is for me, I'm laying off raw veggies and fruit for now.

  Eb, I've had a cortisone shot in my shoulder. I know it's not fun, and it doesn't always work, so make sure you keep your doc updated.

  Yes, it feels very good to know that you all care, and yes April, I guess I have to be your big bro based on age, but I don't know, he feel like you've done a much better job of dishing out very useful advice to me.

   Take care all.

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Boy, I had to go all the way to page 7 to find us, and to make matters worse, my post from a week ago is the last one! I see some of you are posting on other boards. That's ok, I assume that means that everyone is feeling fine and now reaching out to help others. Hey, at least we're close to the 300 mark. Who's going to be number 300!
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Ok, guys! I couldn't even find this post anymore. It took a lot of work!
I just wanted to check up on all my dear friends. How are you all doing???
I really don't want to see us lose touch after all we've been through together. Let's try and make an effort to still check back with each other periodically, ok?

Athleet, I hope you're all healed up from your gb surgery. I don't think I'm number 300, lol, but we're close! How's the weather there?

Eb, I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well. You're still in my prayers. Please try and keep in touch so that we can know how to pray for you, my friend.

Smilie, I did get your note. I was just a little stressed at that time so I didn't write back right away. I do have your email somewhere in one of my pm's. I'll have to find it and transfer it to my address book. Did you sell your house yet? And how are you feeling?

I hope everyone's well. I'm so glad I've found you all. I have another friend on this site who is very discouraged right now because she feels like there aren't very many Christians on this site and I told her that isn't so! I told her that I have some friends on the Gastro Forum who have become very dear to me. Let's please all keep in touch, ok? I do think God brought us all together. I really do. Let's not get too busy in our lives that we let it go. I'd like to stay in touch with all of you.
Take care, my friends, and God bless each and every one of you!
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  So where are my sisters? I know its been a long time and we helped each other through our sicknesses, but I guess we all moved on, healed or not. Anyway, just thought to shout out to you in case you still log on. And Smilie, I sure hope you're ok and survived Hurricane Ike. April how is you and your daughter doing? And Eb what's new in your land far far away?
  Athleet is ok. Still get an occassional stomach ache and have to put up with the runs every once in a while, but I guess that's my lot in life.
  Well, I'll close and check back sometime to see if any of you bit.
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Hey, guys! I hope that you had a great Christmas. I'm really missing you....we went though so much together and I feel like I've abandoned you and I'm sorry for that.

I truly want to find out what's been going on with you two........

And yes, Athleet, I did survive Hurricane Ike! I will tell you that I will never, ever stay during a hurricane again. It was so scary. And we didn't have power for 17 days. What a nightmare. It was so hot and humid here....still dealing with the insurance adjustors after all this time, too.

Will you please let me hear from you, so i can know what you've been up to ...and how are you two doing healthwise?

Hope to hear from you soon!
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Oh Athleet! I never even knew you posted something on here! I'm so sorry I didn't see it! I thought you had moved on long ago!
I will send you a pm and catch up.
Smilie, I got your pm. It surprised me. I had about given up on all of you guys. I was sure you all had moved on and forgot about all of us here.
I really missed you all; ebjb, Athleet, Smilie, all of you! Where in the world have you all been??? How are you guys? Please, let's try and keep in touch, ok? We went through so much together and I thought it was so sad that we all lost touch. I really hope I hear from you all again soon.
God bless you, my friends,
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Dear Athleet (and others),
Athleet, OMG, OH MY GOSH, is it really you?????????  I just answered a private message from April, and decided to see if she also posted here, and lo and behold, she found this old thread with all of us on it, and posted here.  And when I saw you, Athleet, had posted here in September, I about died.  Hon, you do not realize how absolutely terrified I was of your absence, I started new posts every couple months, addressing you by saying, "Athleet, this is Earth, Come in, Please," and thou didst not respond.  My heart broke and I STILL think of you to this day.

Oh, don't tell me we've lost you again, since it was waaaaay back in September that you visited us girls!  Jump in ya'll, let's talk about Athleet, so this thread stays at the top.  I shall think God is living amongst us if he brings us Athleet back.  I thought surely he had passed away from a dreadful condition that we all, for the most part, tried to downplay.  Altho one of us, I cannot recall who, had discussed Lyme disease with him for a while, and I remember her and me had talked in another thread about missing Athleet and feeling just awful about it.  If I could remember her, I would PM her, so if any of you other do, let her know he's been here.  My mind is a wasteland these days.
Friends always, GG
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Hey, guys!!!!!!!! I'm back and have to apologize to you all for being absent so long. Lots to talk about.

But, Athleet has been on my mind and I sent him a pm ( a couple) and nothing yet. Where in the heck are you, Athleet?

And April, I've already sent you some PM's, and that's good.

EB, what have you been up to? How is life in your neck of the woods?

GG, how the heck are you? Would you also please answer me and accept my apologies as to my absence??????????

Guys, again, sorry for all the time that I haven't been on the site and interacted with you. there is really no excuse.

I hope to hear from each and every one of you soon.  To me, medical reasons was only a small part of what God had in store for us meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi Smilie,
Yup, I'm still hanging out in the gastro department.  I think it was April whom I emailed back and forth with for a short while when the ghost of Athleet reappeared last fall.  When he vanished, it freaked me out.  I was a part-timer on our thread, but I remember everyone.  
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Thx for posting a mesage. I got a brief message from Athleet; nothing too long. At least we know that he's alive. I wish him well and hope that he revisits this site.  

I have received a couple of messages from April and communicating with her through pm's.

I posted a concern of mine earlier on this site. I'm hoping that someone can help me with it. I originally posted it on the heart disease forum and got response from someone, but wanted some more info and thought my issue might be tied into something gastro.

Hey, sorry I haven't been on the site in awhile........after we went through Hurricane Ike here with insurance claims, etc........still no excuse!!!! Would love to hear what you've been up to and how your health is:)

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I feel bad that we all lost contact, too. I wish Athleet and Eb would come back from time to time at least. After all we've been through together, it seemed like we were really supporting each other and then drifted apart. It's too bad.
Smilie, have you heard from Eb? I've heard from her a few times over the months, not a lot.
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I haven't heard from EB or GGreg. I'm praying that those guys will come back at some point and chime in to let us know what they have been up to. That would be nice.

You know EB, GGreg, (and Athleet) I'm sending subliminal messages to you so you can log on and let me know what you have been up to.

So...............here goes, ummmmmm, ummmmm, ummmm, (chanting) ummmmmm, ummmmm, ummmmm. Can you hear me?

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Okay, guys...........I was reading through some of the old thread. There was so much that I missed last year......no excuses, no excuses!!!!!

I'm sending a prayer to my brother and sisters that God sent as special angels when my health was good and not so good.

You know I will post something on this thread everyday until we are all a team again. Also because I know that gastro problems don't go away in just a few short months and this is great therapy for anything that ails us.

So, Athleet, yes we are over the 300 mark and gearing up again...........so get your butt back on here and stay in touch...and Eb, GGreg, (April, you have been the only one to be the most consistent)

:)\Smilie still Smilin!!
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Determined to keep us on the first page...................or maybe the second!!!

April, need some help here to get these guys back on this thread!

Everybody, prayers are coming your way...........so be receptive:)
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Have you tried sending Eb a private message? I know you have with Athleet. I haven't heard from Eb in awhile. I think she was having some health issues last I heard.
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