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Colonoscopy and worried...

I have a colonoscopy scheduled for 4/18 because of inconsistent bowel movements. I have been having back pains but it is due to a strain pair of muscles in my upper buttocks. My orthopedic doctor seems to think that the changes in bowel movements (at times regular and at times flat, and at times small) are due to the strain muscle in my upper buttocks and lower back. My gastro wants to do a colonoscopy to make sure it is not an obstruction and to diagnoe IBS. If there is an obstruction, wouldn't the bowel movements be the same every time. I mean, they would never be normal, right? The obstruction would not move? I am so sorry if this is an inappropriate or dumb question but I am so nervous about the colonoscopy. Otherwise I had ct scan done and it was ok besides diverticulosis....it shows no problems with the colon otherwise and no gas or fluid obstructions.. Thanks for all of your help. Your work here is for sure appreciated by every member...
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If you had a ct scan done, it's doubtful you have an obstruction.  You certainly don't have a full obstruction because you wouldn't be able to even think about using the internet.  You'd be in the OR having a resection after being in an intolerable amount of pain, and experiencing a great deal of vomiting.  Some people even vomit feces because everything is backed up from the point of the obstruction.  

A partial obstruction is a possibility but colonoscopy can only determine if that exists in the colon.  If something is going on in your small intestines that can be more difficult to pin down.  The small intestines kind of roll around loosely in your abdominal cavity, so it's more likely for a loop to kink up for a short time, cause problems, and then unkink.  If you've ever had abdominal surgery, scar tissue can cause partial small bowel bowel obstructions.

It sounds like you're in good hands, and I hope you get some answers after the colonoscopy.  Try not to worry about it.  I've had several and the prep was the worst part of it.  :-)
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Hi Jaybay. Thanks for your response. You seen to be knowledgable about the subject. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. The Abdominal/Pelvic Ct Scan can see tumors in the colon if done with barium sulfate I believe...The only sign that I have is internal hemorrhoids that pretrude out when doing bowel movements and I feel that when I have a hard time is when the bowel gets to the actual annus...Have you ever heard of internal hemorrhoids causing change in bowel shape?...Thanks for your attention...
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"Have you ever heard of internal hemorrhoids causing change in bowel shape?"

Yes, they can. Sure, they can squish one direction so as to not change the shape all that much, but if it's inflamed it'll change the shape.

Another thing that can do it (and I've seen this myself) is emotional stress. That'll change the shape all kinds of ways, especially when you're constantly paying close attention. I'll let Jaybay take it from here, though, since I don't know all that much about the subject, just what I've needed to know.
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