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Colonoscopy.. will it hurt?

Colonoscopy.. will it hurt? Advised not to be put under due to blood pressure and allergy issues. What will it feel like. Is it painful. Do they put people out because of pain or just to make it easier on the doctor. Besides if you move you can do damage this I know very well. Just wondering if anyone had it done awake. Kinda scared it might hurt like a root canal at the dentist with out novacaine.

Thank you.
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If there's a worry about anesthetic, ask the doc about doing a virtual colonoscopy. The prep is the same and they do use 'gas' to inflate the colon. With this form of test, little to no meds are needed.

Colonoscopies are routinely performed with few meds around the world, but in the U.S. anesthesia is routinely used so that a person can be more easily moved when the whole of the body needs to be moved or re-positioned to get the scope 'around the curves.' It also makes the whole body relax so that there are no sudden movements which could cause a problem. I don't know if people are more relaxed and compliant in other countries or if they're just used to the idea of lesser meds being given, or what.............

With the virtual colonoscopy no biopsies can be taken of course, so if anything were found it would have to be followed up with a regular colonoscopy.

I've spoken with people who were awake during the whole procedure and their accounts vary. Some didn't mind it at all, others found it very uncomfortable - but everyone's pain threshold is very different.

You may want to talk to the anesthesiologist who does the procedures to find out what meds could be used in your case and then take that information back to your regular doc to discuss the issue.
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you dont have to be put out as with a general anasthetic but you can have sedation which is really very good i had colonoscopy about 18 months ago. I knew nothing about the procedure Have they mentioned sedation or can you not have this either.
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They were leaning towards nothing but checking in to seeing options. I personally rather not take anything. They said Virtual will not show them what they need to see. When I went to get my wisdom teeth out the doctor said YES must be put out. Then they couldnt put me out so it was done away. It was a joke and didnt hurt at all. So I wonder if people are put out for the doctors or the patients? I can't get an answer other than no you don't want to do it. Just no one can tell me why I don't want to do it? Very confusing, don't know if it will be so painful I would move and cause other problems or just somewhat painful. It already hurts on a daily basis, think I might have learned to deal with the pain. Dont know. Hoping someone could describe what it would feel like.
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Also when they inflate you with air do you start burping or trying to vomit since it is all connected.
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No, you don't burp or vomit. You'll expel the gas later, rectally.
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Thanks you all put me at ease. The doctors make it sound so painful but don't actually know for sure. I am sure I will feel the most violated in my life but I'm not expecting it to feel like a root canal with out novacaine any more. I am actually looking forward to getting this done and over with now. :) Thank you. I will try to post how it went in a few weeks after it is done.
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