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Colonoscopy without sedation-again

I had one in juky w/o sedation (fentanyl only-which was a waste)....now symptoms and elevated blood tests indicate a bad situation.   I moved since July and now I can't find anyone who will this colononscopy w/o sedation; one hospital agreed, I did the prep , reported this morning and the GI nurse said "sign this sedation consent" or we won't do you, no matter what you were told.  The the doc (a nice lady) convinces me to change, does the pre-exam (clean but dark blood and said that was bad but that I would have to get sedation even though they that I was told it would not be required.  I'm afraid that I flipped out at that point, yanked out the IV, the nurse grabbed my wrist, got stuck and I sort of left in a huff...............I know that the sedation is optional; is it more important to do these exams sedated and quickly and make more money than to take 5 minutes longer and don't use drugs that cause me severe problems?  And the icing on the cake is that the doc wants me to return to have the test or "sign out AMA whatever that means and the nurse that got stuck with the needle wants me to take a blood test..............I don't think that I'll ever do this again....................
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What are at least ten reasons why sedation given for a colonoscopy?  I would have one done without the sedation, but doctors (and outpatient) clinics insist that it must be done with sedation and that it is safer that way.  Safer for who?
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I too am afraid of sedation and my doctor had no problem performing my colonoscopy without sedation.  I'm only 105 lbs and it isn't pleasant but I got through it and would do it that way again.  He didn't even question me.  They just had the iv set up in case I couldn't handle it.  I'm in San Diego so if you are anywhere near me, I'll give you his name.
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Hi there,  have you had another colonoscopy since this posting in 2010?   Just curious if you had the same Doctor again.   I would like his name as I'm in San Diego also.
Hi there.  Are you having an issue that requires more than a routine coloscopy?
Hi Lisaplayin and special mom - I had a colonoscopy back in 2010 because there was small amounts of blood in my stool.  I did this without sedation and it was a clear colonoscopy.  The reason I did it again in 2016 was because my hemoglobin was on the low side.  I did it this time with 3mg of versed.  Dr. Strum at Scripps was my doctor at that time but he has retired.  This one also came out clear so I am good for 10 years.  
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AMA stands for Against Medical Advice. I have had 3 colonoscopies now and even the drugs they give don't put me out. Most of the time it was uncomfortable but painless. I did have a colonoscopy though after a bout of diverticulitis and the pain was excrutiatingly painful and that was even with the drugs. The reason they give you the meds, are for 2 reasons, it helps relax the intestines which makes it easier to maneuver the scope and the 2nd reason is for the pain. I need another one and this time I am telling them to make sure to put me out.
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