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Complications of Colonoscopy/Abnormal blood results


For about two months or so I've been experiencing stomach pain and spasms, particularly in the upper left abdomin (right under the heart), and had been on and off experiencing mucusy stool and bouts of polyuria. In the meantime I had been in and out of the ER, for hours at a time, a lot because of a sick friend. I had also a few weeks ago once took motrin and tylenol for headaches. I take Lopressor (for MVP and SVT) and Xanax daily for anxiety but do not smoke, drink alcohol or  use any form of drugs, nor have any history of liver or kidney problems of any sort. Their is a family history of lower GI bleeding (my father had one), gallbladder problems (my mom and sister had their gall bladders removed in their 30s), my mother and father have HCV (though I have been repeatedly checked and do not have it). There is a history of appendicitis--my sister, maternal grandfather and maternal cousin all had their appendix removed before age 20.

About a week and a half ago I experienced for the first time a stool made mostly of maroon (not bright red but not black either) blood, so much so that the toliet water turned pinkish/red. I took myself to the ER and there they did some blood work (came back normal except for a WBC of 13.1 and straw colored urine--at the time I was suffering from an upper respitory infection for which I began to take Zpac the day after and finished Sunday) and did an abdominal X-Ray and CT scan. The X-Ray showed and I quote ''non-specific thickening and/or nodality in the rectal-sigmoid juncture" and also showed slight stomach distension but no evidence of bowel obstruction or free air. The CT scan, done without contrast (as there is a fatal allergy to ct contrast on both sides of my family), didn't show any nodality in the rectal area but showed ''mild to moderate intestinal distension'' with no other abnormalities, and I was referred to a Gastrointerologist, who I went to on Monday.

He felt the X-Ray was ''over read'' and that the CT Scan was useless without contrast. He ordered a colonoscopy be done and blood drawn; all the blood work was normal; He also did a fecal culture as he said the stool was foul smelling and wanted to get that checked out. I did the bowel prep (Halflytely) but didn't manage to finish the last 8 ounces of it and informed him of this--He said it was ok. The colonoscopy was done Wednesday and it went routinely (it was my first, I'm 19) and that I had prepped properly. He took a biopsy, but for or of what he didn't say, and said he saw no reason why I should've had bloody stool--There was no evidence of any bowel thickening, obstruction or bleed.

So after the test I went out to eat as I hadn't eaten since the day before the prep, but within an hour of eating I projectile vomited up all I ate and had diarrhea. Immediately after I vomited I began to get chills and within minutes had a fever. I called the Gastrointerologist who performed the test and said vomiting and slight fever was rather normal. The fever wildly fluctuated throughout the night, reaching at it's peak a temperature of 101.1; other than the fever, I felt rather normal but had little appetite--The fever began to decline as the night went on. I didn't eat for the rest of the day or night.

The next morning (Thursday), I woke up with a severe burning in the center of my chest that worsened when I breathed in or swallowed as well as spasms in the epigastric area and as I not only still had a low grade fever (99.3 degrees that morning). Again I didn't eat but drank only a slight amount, and still had diarrhea and was urinating normally.

In a panic took myself to the ER Thurs morn--They did more blood work, an EKG (which was normal except for sinus tachycardia, but I hadn't taken my lopressor that morning), palpated my stomach, and by midday the fever was gone and hasn't (thank God) recurred since. They also did a chest and abdominal X Ray, which came out normal, and wanted to do an abdominal CT but I refused as I had just had one a week earlier and do not much like radiation.

The blood results were abnormal in some interesting areas--I had a bicarbonate (blood Co2) value of 32, a total bilirubin  of 1.3, a blood glucose of 120 (even though I hadn't eaten and had only drank fruit juice that morning), and a low amylase score of 17. The doctors at the ER said the test results weren't really concerning but the fact that I had a colonoscopy and had had a fever and stomach pain worried them and wanted me to get a CT scan, which as I said I refused. One ER doctor worried I might have bowel perforation or appendicitis (though the CT from a week ago showed a normal appendix) or some kind of GI infection or injury. Another doctor at the same hospital felt that since I was able to walk and wasn't in extreme pain (the stomach pain had largely gone by midday), and fact that my blood pressure and temp were normal seemed to indicate that I was OK.

Since Thursday, I've eaten normally and been able to hold down food and water. My mother (who is an RN) listened to my bowels and I have normal bowel sounds; my stomach is not hard but slightly tender in the lower right groin area. I have recurrent stomach pain on the left side (just below the rids) radiating at times to my back.

I'm not urinating as much as normal but am slowly starting to have normal bowel movements again, but am still having stomach pain on the lower right side. I had a repeat of the blood results at a diagnostic lab done stat at the request of one of my doctors (a full CBC, complete metabolic panel,etc) and the results thus far are all normal except for still a low amylase--in the same range (around 17/18) as before. Everything else including the WBC, creatine, BUN, etc so far look all normal. I still am having stomach pain. My main doctor, who is also a Nephrologist, will be in on Monday; the stool sample the Gastro took will be ready by Monday as well.

So my questions are what do you guys think is going on, why would I still be feeling weak, and what would've caused the abnormal amylase, glucose, t-bil and co2 results on the first blood test? Why would I still have an abnormally low amylase on the next test? At present I have no fever, my pulse is normal and steady, BP is normal and WBC is within normal range.

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I should also add I have a history of in the past having Mono and for the past few months haven't much of an appetite (there were weeks where I'd only eat one meal a day because I wasn't hungry) and as a result I went from being around 167 around last year to 153 now. Also my maternal grandfather had had hemmerhoids and surgery to have a rectal or colonal polyp removed but that was in his 40s.
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can someone help me
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