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Consistant vomiting getting food aversion help please!

My son is vomiting daily know he has been seeing a pediatric gastro. since he was born and they said he has severe reflux, Although he does not vomit till an hour or more after he eats and it looks like curdled milk. He eats small amounts 1-3 ounces at a time but you can hear him refluxing and swallowing it down. If he eats to much or i mix it up with solids he projectile vomits more than he even ate.

He is 18 months and well under the growth chart, i was told to switch him to a super high calorie formula (boost1.5)plus i add mct oil for xtra calories which worked for a month or two but he went to get a weigh in this month and lost 2 pounds leaving his weight at 18pounds. I  do not know what to do anymore i went to see to seperate specialist and the first one landed him in the hospital and the GI he is seeing know does not seem to think theres a problem. His speech therapist thinks that he has gastroperisis but we have no doctor that will consider it. I clean up vomit after almost every feed and its gotten to the point know where he will see the bottle or food and start gagging  or just refuse it and try to get away.

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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  It sure sounds like gastroparesis to me.  I would keep searching for a GI doctor that would be willing to consider this.  The test is not difficult to do.  This really needs to be looked at and treated.  Good luck.
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