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Constant Bloating-causes?

Hello, I am a 20 year old male and for the past 3 weeks or so I've been feeling a bit off, so I wanted to get some opinions about my symptoms. It actually started about 2 months ago, when I started feeling a "twinge" in my lower right abdomen. It wasn't in any really serious pain, just something that I noticed would come and go. I went to the doctor, and since he was worried it might be the start of appendicitis, he sent me in for a CT scan. While I was waiting for the results, the pain actually went away on its own, and the scan ended up being negative for appendicitis anyway so I stopped worrying.
However, about 3 weeks ago I started having more twinges of pain. Again, none of it has actually been that painful or debilitating, but it happened frequently enough to get me worrying. The infuriating part was that, unlike before, the pain I was now experiencing seemed to happen in different parts of my abdomen (and lower back) every day. It was impossible for me to pinpoint exactly where it was coming from.
Over the past week, the pain has gradually stopped or only happened once in a while. But even though I'm not in pain, I've been feeling constantly bloated and gassy. I frequently feel hungry, but only eat a little bit before becoming super full. I also sometimes feel gurgling or pulsing that I never had before.
I've considered that perhaps this could be the start of IBS, but I would like to point out that through all of this I have had pretty normal and regular bowel movements (no constipation of diarrhea). Does anyone have any suggestions for me or any possible diagnosis? I would greatly appreciate some feedback.
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