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Constant Nausea and Gagging please help

Ok so its a long story, but i have been suffering from constant nausea for 10 years now
its affected my life so bad i gave up my job, i cant work in an office, i barley go out anymore and when i do its only to the movies where no one can see me if i gag, i pretty much live isolated in my bedroom
The nausea started about 10 years ago after a bout of food poisoning, ever since then i have suffered the following
constant nausea
if i wake up early or get woken up without enough sleep its unbearable
going into meetings sets it off
before my period starts i get really bad
after my period stops its out of control
certain foods set it off
bowel movements set it off and sometimes makes it worse then it already was
eating first thing in the morning is a no no
staying up late

I have had the following tests done
endoscopy - negative
h polri ( i cant spell ) negative
thyroid - negative
hepatitis - negative
diabetes - negative
blood tests after tests - negative

I dont get heart burn or acid reflux, sometimes i get a sour taste in my mouth, i tried nexium and that did nothing for me, just made it worse because you have to eat in the morning to take it.

my dr says i have anxiety, but i think there is something else, i get nausea just sitting in front of the tv or computer i get it driving, theres nothing to be anxious about with that
i would say that whatever this is has probably given me anxiety as i get so worked up going out of the house, but again it comes and goes whenever it wants to
anti nauseas no longer touch the sides
i feel trapped, i dont have a life and finding work that i can do around this has become virtually impossible
my Dr just keeps telling me to live a more stress free life! Dude i dont have a life!
Please tell me im not the only one 10 years is a long time to give up my life
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