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Constant Nausea before and after laparoscopy

May nausea started Dec 09.  The nausea is constant, with a lot of burping or belching. I had a colonoscopy Nov 08 with 2 polyps removed. First my GP put me on nexium, had several blood tests(normal), an ultrasound (normal), barium swallow (normal),C/T (choelithiasis and moderate enlargement of the gall bladder) hida scan (55%), stomach scope (normal although the GI thought I needed a psychological examination).  I had nothing stressful happening in my life other than feeling lousy all the time but if addressing  anxiety  could make me feel better I‘ll give it a try. I took cipralex for several months and went to a Psychologist.  No improvement.  Other meds that I tried were Domperidone, Ranitidine and Metoclop. My Cardiologist(no heart problems, just a check up) suggested an IgG allergy report.  The Dr of natural medicine who gave me the test , told me I was allergic to milk and eggs. I went on a strict diet for 2 months.  No change still nauseous and burping. Next went to Surgeon #1, he thought the ultrasound was more reliable than the C/T , disregarding the possible gall stones, and sent me for a 24 hr urine test and a head C/T. Both tests were normal. I also tried acupuncture and some herbal remedies and probiotics. Next I went to GI #2. He put me on Dicetel and sent me for more blood tests (normal), a stomach emptying scan(normal), Doppler ultrasound (tiny sludge ball in the gall bladder) and another stomach scope(normal).  GI#2 sent me home telling me I was worrying about myself too much. He’s not the one feeling like puking all the time. Next to Surgeon #2 for an ERCP.  In recovery he tells me my gall bladder has to come out. I asked him if I had sludge or stones and he replied they were the same thing. I’ll have the surgery since I don’t want to live like this and hopefully this will cure me.  I had the operation March 31 and felt great after the operation and the 1st day. The 2nd day the nausea and burping was back as bad as ever. No appetite and problems eating although I still haven’t thrown up yet.  What should I try next? Any ideas?  Am I expecting too much too soon? Should I go back to the surgeon? GI#2?  My GP? Or try a new GI#3? Are there any medical centers that specialise in these areas, possibly the Mayo clinic? I want to get back to normal.
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Gingerale and ginger candy have helped my nausea and burping
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