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Constant Stomach pain

I have had stomach problems since 2003.  First I had my gallbladder taken out becuase the heptic scan came up with 0.  It was not working at all.  Since then, I still have the same complaints and problems which are:  severe pain in the upper left abdomen near the sternum.  I just recently completed a gastric emptying scan which showed that my stomach was only emptying 24%.  I am now on medication to help my stomach contract to empty,  But, in the middle of my stomach, I feel like someone has punched me in my gut, like a large orange is stuck and very often inflamed.  When I eat my first meal of the day, I immediately have diareah and then feel nauseated and very weak for the rest of the day.  This is when my stomach begins to hurt.  When I am sitting, I feel like something is in the way and that I have to stretch out or be in a lying position.  I am most comfortable lying on my left side.   Please help if you can give me any information.  I am tired of feeling so sick.   I have missed way too much work and this is becoming a way of life.  

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I read these types of emails all the time due to my ongoing problem.  I wondered though in your email above, is it your right upper quad or your left?  You mentioned left but I am thinking you meant right...

I have similiar pain - feeling like I am sitting on an orange most of the time.  I've had test after test for 3 years now - had my gallbladder removed...still pain.  I have a lot of trouble driving in a car long distance now.  I have 4 kids and am very concerned about my health.  Doctors keep coming up with nothing so I guess that's good...just in pain.

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Have either of you had a colonoscopy?  It sounds to me like that may be something you'd better look into - especially with the "sitting" pain and diarrhea and nausea after eating.
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Have you had your pancreas checked out?  You can get blood tests for lipase and amylase to see if they are elevated.  I have chronic pancreatitis and experience some of the same symptoms you describe.  Pain is usually in the upper mid to left side and can bore right through to the back.  Sometimes the biliary ducts get involved too and pain shows up up the right.  But usually is is right below the sternum just barely to the left of center and mine concentrates even more in the back.  

Pancreatitis can make eating a very uncomfortable experience.  Diarrhea, nausea and fever are common.  It actually took a LONG time to get my dx.  I had to specifically mention the possibility and then get my enzyme levels tested during an attack.  After that I have had CP confirmed with EUS (endoscopic ultrasound) and ERCPs.  

It would be worth ruling out at least.
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