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Constant belching/burping


My mother is very suffering from constant belching for last 1 month. It just gets little relieved while lying down / or sitting inclined. It worsens while sitting straight. We are not able to understand the reason.

It is very depressing and painful situation for her. Can anyone please please help us in understanding the cause and probable remedy for this.

Thanks in advance

This discussion is related to constant belching...gerd causing aerophagia?.
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I have had many GI problems. If I become even slightly constipated I have those symptoms. I also have to see my GI doc every couple of years to have my esophagus stretched and esophageal spasms and belching a lot are symptoms that I need it done.  
My nephew's mom had this, went to mayo clinic and found out her stomach was twisted.  
If laxatives don't work maybe a GI work up is needed. Good luck.
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Our family home remedy is 1/4 teas baking soda in a cup of water, but not for those with hypertension. The body actually makes a nearly identical substance.
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