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Constant constipation

I have had constipation for going on 4 months. It is constant. Some days are worse then others but it is always hard faeces. I have tried laxatives, I am currently on high fibre diet but am getting very little relief.

I have had blood tests, stool tests and an ultrasound but they all showed nothing abnormal.

I am passing a lot of gas and feel very bloated all the time.

My biggest concern is that i can feel a bulge in my vagina which seems to be coming from the left side of inside my vagina.

Has anyone ever had anything like this before?

Thank you, any insight is helpful.
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You may have a hernia. I'd try Dulcolax for overnight non-crampy relief - or 2 overnight doses - and go to a doctor right away. Constipation is never normal, and high fiber - especially if you're taking additional fiber supplements and are gung ho with it and maybe take too much and don't drink enough water...can really plug you up - in a very painful way.
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