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Constant gas flatulence

hi, i just wanted to know about a problem when a person has gas all the time!! no gap, its in small quanitiy but adds up and is making my life horrible, i would like to know how that problem can be cured? i have had tests by doctors and they have told me that everything is fine, and that i need to change my diet, but even with the diet change the disease is ruinind my life.  

This discussion is related to Constant Gas/Flatulence for Months PLEASE help me.
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What exact diets have you tried?

Lactose free diet and low-fructose diet can be tried first, both for few days only and yif you're lactose or fructose intolerant, symptoms should almost dissapear in this time.
For low-fructose diet check my journals.

If the problem is a smelly gas, you should exclude foods with sulphur.
Check second post in this thread:
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well i have tried a diet only consisting of chicken and rice, and nothing else, that lowered the smell but it was still constant in small amounts, and yes dairy and spicy products make it worse so i avoid them, i have tried super-digestive enzymes, antacids, detox cleansing product, aloe vera, fennel tea, charcol pills, but they all dont work, i am thinking of taking all the medications at once to see the results, its wierd becasue the gas is always there, every second, sometimes in low quantity sometime high (after i eat) i thought maybe it was due to an anus leak but a specialist confirmed that the anus was full colsed and strong and that the problem is in the GI tract,
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To avoid smell, you should exclude sulphur containing foods.

To avoid gas itself try with lactose-free or low fructose diet or both. They are sugars from which a lot gas may be produced. Gas, as you know, also comes from fibers, mostly from legumes (beans) and from cauliflower, also from beer...

By my knowledge there are no enzymes which would help in sulphur gas. Beano and some other products contain enzymes which help to digest carbohydrate fibers (like cellulose), but not sulphur containing proteins.
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I have had this problem on and off for many years now . My story is not so much different.I have been to doctors , then take anti dipression pills. Changed diets etc..

Rice works for me better than other diets, non-ripe banana's are very good for me I eat 5-6 banana's a day two for breakfast and  1-2 after each meal.They have enzymes in them that I think are a bit useful and they have many good minerals and good fibre.  I swim for exercise so banana's are not making me fat .

For the smell of flatulance I think it would be best for all of us to search for a cosmetic cure than a biological cure. From my experience with this problem and consultations with doctors, I feel nothing is physically wrong with my digestion or bowels so there is not much scope for a medical cure to this problem.

I am trying to make a small device a person can wear under his rectum very concealed and small  and  channel air to make air pass through a bottle of nice smelling scent or may be a sponge which is soaked in a nice citrus fruit scent, so the gas coming out is loaded with the nice scent of lime or some other fruit that the person next to you likes . This way the problem is solved.

You eat what you want and when you want, just make sure your gas smells how the nose likes it. This is my idea, I would want to know what you guys think.

Bad news is
( human nose can smell  Hydrogen sulphide too well 0.5molecule in a billion molecules of air , the best man made sensors can only detect 10 molecules  in a billion molecules of air)

So , cheating the nose takes some work and a good scent.
I would like to hear your opinions guys, may be we can all work on this idea and get a fix that works for all of us.

Take care
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thats an interesting idea, but such similar scheme's have been tried before, i bought charco pads etc.. that were suppose to absorbe the bad smell, but nevertheless u should try to see if it works, yeah and i have also started to eat alot of banana's because i stopped eating everythign else, i want to go on a fruit diet for a change and see the result.

So if u have the expertiese and the knowledge to make such a device then go for it, if it works i will buy one.
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Thanks, once the device is in production you will be the first to get the delivery : )   Lol !!  .
I don’t think I have the required expertise but I am trying the best I can between my work and the time I get during  weekends.  After all  it  was an undertaker ( Almon Strowger ) who invented the  automatic telephone exchange. All we need to find is a flatulence fix : ) lol !!  Not easy but not so difficult either .

It would be greatly helpful for me and others here  if  you guys  start coming up with your own ideas and experiments. It might take time to get a fix, but we should be able to sooner or later. I have long given up the thought  that some one else will find a cure for this problem. I feel a medical cure is out of the question for at least a few years at best.

I have gone through a lot of missed oppurtunities in work life and love life because of this problem and would do anything to get my life back to normal.

I  keep a journal of what I eat each day and what foods and quantities of water and the flatulance experienced on that day .I am hoping this will help me find a routine and diet
that might be best at keeping the symptoms at a minimum.

As a temporary remedy, its a bit odd but helps me keep my focus on work and neglect the flatulance problem when at work. I got this info on the web some time back about coffee smell being good at masking other odours.  

Coffe powder ( always use fresh powder each day)

How to prepare it :

Take an old thin  formal shoe  socks and put it over a glass, it lets you fill coffee powder into it wihtout spilling a lot, fill about 5-10 big spoon's of coffee powder and keep it in your pocket. Some times I keep it in my undergarment on the front side, sort of hang it to the underwear front end on the inside. Plus I use deodorant spray generously on my body , two varieties at a time, this produces a combo effect that helps cheat others noses and keep those sniffer's from catching me for quite some time.

Coffee has a strong odour which overwhelms the nose's smell detecting area.They call it Olfactory bulb. (http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/nosek.html). Since coffee particles overload the smell detectors smell of fart will get dulled that depends on the intensity of the flatulence smell .

Give it a try, use deodorant along with coffee so you dont smell too much like coffee .

Take care

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Did you try changing your toothpaste. Sorbitol and other synthetics in toothpaste causes bloating. May not be for all, but definitely for few. Try brushing your teeth with sea salt for for a week. And observe the difference. There are also few toothpastes available without sorbitol and synthetics , but you have to read the ingredients and try it practically.

Toothpaste are easily absorbed through mucous memberanes , that is how it is ingested.

try it you may find relief

wish you good health
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I don't know if any of you have solved your flatulence problems yet. I suffered with embarrassing, almost 'constant' flatulence for a couple years, probably more, before I recently found something that has helped tremendously, at least it seems to have brought it well under control. Yes, I have gas but it's nothing like it was. OK, so I thought for quite some time that the problem was related to unbalanced digestive flora. My wife is a Nutritionist and mentioned it several times and tried to get me to take probiotics but it was difficult to take the oral supplements regularly.  Now, I have discovered KEFIR. If you don't know, it's like liquid yogurt has tons of probiotics and shockingly has seemed to get my problem under control. I drink close to 8 oz in the morning and again in the evening. I can tell you that within just a few days it helped and it's been a month now, at least. I get the plain unsweetened and sometimes add a few drops of flavored Stevia to just take the edge off, like Vanilla Creme by Sweet Leaf. I've been getting Lifeway kefir . I think the company also makes the Helios brand. (This is not an ad for that brand, just sharing my experience.)

I don't doubt eating certain foods makes flatulence worse. I generally eat better than most Americans but could do better. Sugar mostly, but anything that upsets the balance of bacteria in our systems should be avoided. Alas, for now, I can't tell you how glad I am to have found something that has helped me. My life was in ruin as many other have attested to with this flatulence issue.

Take care.
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YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY IAM RIGHT NOW!!! I'm glad that there is something out there that can help people like us. i have been suffering with this horrible gas for a year and the gas ruined my life. I will try KEFIR and will post up the result within a few day. again THANK YOU!! SOOOOO MUCH.
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can you give me the exact brand name or anything to find in the market. I am not from USA.

Ellemar23, have you tried? what us your feedback, hope others also try.
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Yes, Im still actually taking it :) I cannot say it is a cure because I still have gas but the probiotics do help and does also put good bacteria in the body so I say give it a shot. Btw I bought my KEFIR at Whole Foods and if you go to their site they have a store locator its worth a shot to put in your address you never know. Either way its good, Just not a cure. I hope I helped in some way. Take Care and God Bless, I hope we all find an answer to this on-going problem.
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I have been taking the natural enzyme supplement Bromelain for about 6 months now because of leg & foot inflammation and pain. Lately I've had absolutely awful gas. I've tried Gas-X, colon cleansers, charcoal, probiotics, Beano, Miralax, and more. I'm beginning to wonder - after reading someone's mention here about sulphur - if Bromelain isn't the culprit. From some reading, Bromelain is a sulphur increasing enzyme complex. I'm not scientist and I will admit most of the info baffles me but seeing the word sulphur anywhere near Bromelain's article page gets me thinking. I'm going to stop taking the Bromelain and see what happens. I'd rather deal with the pain than gas like this.
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Hey I was wondering on an update of your situation. And do you work out?

Im def thinking of starting a new lifestyle of working out daily, no more coffee :(, def no sugars, eating more greens veggies and fruit and trying a detox.

I aso wanted to start taking culturelle sold at CVS Walmart basically any pharmacy store it contains Lactobollious prob spelt that wrong but you get my drift it help your ph balance and bateria

Well hope to hear from you soon.

And @Insearch 92 that invention would be amazingly helpful!! hope the best on that~!
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Can anyone please tell what is the reason of this bad smell throughout day. Is it because of parasite or bacteria  ? Does it reproduce automatically without eating anything? Please help in detail . Thanks
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Can anyone please tell what is the reason of this bad smell throughout day. Is it because of parasite or bacteria  ? Does it reproduce automatically without eating anything? Please help in detail . Thanks
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Well, I didn't see some of the questions from a long time back about the Kefir I suggested. I apologize for not answering for so long. I guess I wasn’t logging on correctly to see the replies to my posts.

In any case, whether it was my fault for not being consistent or my system adapted to the Kefir or whatever, the benefits did not seem to stay with me for long. Maybe I got constipated and had to stop drinking it, I don’t remember. But for the most part,  I have continued to have the gas problem and have suffered like the rest of you.

So... moving on…
I did have a period of time a while back where ‘the problem’ seemed to have subsided and the only other thing I could think of was that I think I was drinking a product called Teeccino. It's a grain based coffee type drink. See Teeccino.com   It has some very healthy aspects to it. So, I started drinking it again, twice a day, and it may be my imagination, but I think it really has helped me. It's quite possible because, this drink is made with chicory root and as it says on their web site.    "Chicory root contains the most inulin of any tuber. Inulin is a prebiotic that supports a healthy population of beneficial digestive flora in the intestines. Beverages made with roasted chicory root have a naturally occurring inulin content.

Five grams of inulin per day is considered a healthy daily intake. The average Western diet supplies approximately 2.5 grams per day from common foods like wheat and garlic. Teeccino has 650 mg of inulin in each 10 oz mug so by drinking several servings of Teeccino a day, you can achieve the recommended daily dose for a prebiotic."

I have always thought our type of problem MUST to have something to do with the bacterial flora in our intestines. It's out of balance. And Teeccino seems to help fix that for me. It's also caffeine free and non-acidic so it helps balance your body's ph level. Caffeine and acid are both bad for our bodies anyway.... but of course, I continue to drink one cup of regular coffee a day... :-/

So, I have not mentioned this for some time because I wanted to be quite sure it was helping me. It appears to be. So, what I am hoping is that there are a few of you out there that will try this drink and see if it helps you. Please try it for at least 2 weeks or even a month before you think that it's not going to help. Heck, I don't know how long I drank it before I realized it was helping me.... at least 2-3 weeks.

It's hard to find in most grocery stores. Normally, health food stores might carry it or you can get it online at netrition.com at a good price right now, or on Amazon, for more monty. Unfortunately. it's not real cheap, but it goes a long way. It's around $10 - $13 a small bag depending on where you buy it. And if it helps, it’s worth the money! Almost any price is to stop this problem or at least reduce it significantly.

The package says to use a Tablespoon for a cup of drink, but I found that to be a bit strong, so I use a rounded 1/2 Tablespoon for 10z of water in a drip coffee maker. I like the flavored ones, like Hazelnut and Vanilla Nut and Chocolate Mint. They are not sweet drinks. I add Coffee Mate or Half and Half and sweetened either honey or a bit of turbinado sugar but it's not necessary if you like it without all that. Or, since sugar is not good for the digestive system, you could sweeten it with a few drops of Stevia, a plant based natural sweetener.

No, I don’t own stock in this company… I’m just trying to see if it can help the ‘smell like poop community’ like it helped me.

Anyway, I guess that's it for now. If you do try it and drink it two or three times a day, I would really like to know the results. Of course, as we all know, everything else we eat may affect our problem so you might stay away from other foods that you think cause the problem.

So, good luck. I hope someone else will try this and it helps, although, it may not help everyone.

Take care!

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