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Constant hunger pains, not relieved by eating.

The past 3 days I've been getting pains in my stomach, on my left side under my ribs/diaphragm..

Day one I lost my appetite and had to force myself to eat which left me feeling nauseous.
Early morning day 2 I woke up with extreme, what felt like, hunger pains which didn't ease up much after eating and I still had no real appetite and some nausea.
Now I'm on day three and I don't want to eat, I woke up at 4.30am with the same hunger pains, feeling nauseous, and it alleviated only slightly for around 15mins after I forced a cup of black coffee down myself. (I have a slight irritable bowel and coffee usually makes me go in the mornings)

My last BM was Saturday morning and nothing unusual with it. Since then I haven't been able to go and I am considering laxatives as I feel bloated and heavy but it's not low sitting, it's all at the top of my abdomen.

I cannot go to the doctor as of yet as I recently immigrated to the USA and have yet to sign up with a GP, was waiting until after my wedding and joining my husband on his policy first.

My background is, I'm a 27 year old female, I have a history of IBS but nothing at all like what I'm feeling now, I am not on any medication whatsoever -not even contraceptive pill. I have unexplained infertility linked with polycistic ovaries and within the last 5 months I have had my MMR vaccination (UK Childhood vaccine of which my mother hadn't subjected me to)
I was advised to not get pregnant for 3 months and I'm fairly certain I am not pregnant at this time. (No other symptoms of pregnancy either)

So any advice that can be offered to alleviate this problem, is very much appreciated and I will be checking back here all day.

Many Thanks.
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Update: I've been for a BM and hunger pains STILL persist =/
I'm feeling very nauseous yet I still cant actually vomit.
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From the web:

Common causes of a left sided abdominal pain include diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney infections, kidney stone, bowel problems, like diverticulitis, and constipation, to pain arising from muscles and skin over the left side of the abdomen.

Left side abdominal pain is defined as pain occurring in the abdomen, to the left of an imaginary straight line drawn from the center of just under chest through the umbilicus or belly button, down to the top of the genitalia.

Any disease process affecting organs or structures on the left side of the abdomen can cause pain there. Left side abdominal pain can also result from organs or structures far removed from the abdomen or near it, or even from pain spreading from other part of the abdomen.

It is worth remembering that causes of central abdominal pain or even right side abdominal pain can over lap and cause pain on the left side of the abdomen.

As in other parts of the body, pain on the left abdomen can occur from disease affecting the following organs found there. Organs and structures found in the left side of the abdomen are:

    Left edge of the Liver

    The Spleen

    Body and Tail of the Pancreas

    The Stomach

    Left half of the Transverse Colon or large intestine

    The Descending Colon

    Sigmoid Colon

    Left Adrenal gland

    Left Kidney

    Left Ureter

    Left Ovary in women

    Left Fallopian tube in women

    Blood vessels on the left side of the abdomen including the aorta

    Muscles of the wall of the left side of the abdomen

    Nerves on the left side of the abdomen

    Skin covering the left side of the abdomen.

Structures not found on the abdomen that could still cause pain on the left side of the abdomen include:

    Lower part of the Left Lung

    Left half of the diaphragm

    The heart

In a few individuals, their appendix, and all other structures found normally on the right side of the body could be on the left, in a medical condition called Situs Invertus. In those individuals, causes of left sided abdominal pain are actually those causing right side abdominal pain in normal individuals. Here, we will concentrate on causes of left sided abdominal pain in normal setting.

As states above, common causes of left side abdominal pain includes:

    Stomach ulcer
    Stomach tumour
    Irritable bowel syndrome
    Crohns disease
    Ulcerative colitis
    Polycystic ovarian syndrome - PCOS
    Twisted or Ruptured ovarian cyst
    Ectopic pregnancy
    Pelvic Inflammatory Disease - PID
    Coelic disease
    Bowel tumour
    Pulmoanry embolism - blood clots in the lungs
    Hereditary Angioedema
    Sickle Cell Disease
    POEMS syndrome
    Infectious mononucleosis
    Typhoid fever
    Rupture of the spleen and spleen pain syndrome
    ... the list goes on and on like that of causes of abdominal pain.

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Would be a great answer if I hadn't of already trawled the net, googling at 5am ....

I was hoping a real doctor could offer advice and I found this place. Apparently all the help I can get is a copy/paste of some random useless crap.
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Day 4 - Woke up at 5am in pain, this time the pain is constricting and not constant. Almost like contractions but it's now in the middle of my upper abdomen.
Took 3 laxatives yesterday and today had several bowel movements, I'm sipping water constantly and the pain is still there.

If anyone can help please, please post.
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So your complaint is that the 'free' advice is something you already found....but appear to be unwilling to see a doctor for?

If it's really that serious or difficult an issue, then you already know what the next step is - and it's not trolling for advice on forums like this. I suspect any doctor would tell you to seek medical advice in person from a highly trained professional, especially in the case of ongoing chronic pain with no resolution.

I often post information that's freely available as many folks either don't take the time to look at the available information out there from more reputable sites like the Mayo Clinic or US federal information clearinghouses or they often don't have the ability to really search the 'net effectively.

I apologize if the information provided was not helpful, and I hope you see a doctor soon as this is obviously a difficult time for you.
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