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Constant mushy loose stools for a year?

So my problem started about a year ago.I suddenly started having diarrhea and sometimes mushy stool but I thought it was nothing serious, maybe I ate something bad or stuff like that.I began to worry when I used to go to the bathroom 2-3 times a day which is not usual for me as I only go once a day and sometimes skip a day, and I also had sudden urges in the mornings, when i used to wake up my stomach was kinda cramping and I immediately went to toilet where i would have diarrhea or loose stool.I went to the doctor and they ran a blood test that showed low iron and haemoglobin(I need to note here that I naturally have low iron and Since I was a child I was taking on and off iron supplements).The also did and ultrasound and nothing was wrong so they told me to try and change my diet.I tried eating healthier and had some solid stools.After that, for 2,5 months i had straight diarrhea.Interesting thing is, I was away for 2 weeks and my bowel movements were perfectly normal.Came back and same story again.Then, six months after the initial problem i rushed to the ER with explosive watery diarrhea, fever and pain in stomach and they told me it was just temporary enterocolitis.It lasted for a week then i started getting kinda more solid stools, still not fully formed.Since january till now i was on iron supplements but the problem still persisted, and those morning urges come and go in episodes, I have them for a few days than they stop for a week, sometimes I'm really bloated with extremely stinky gas, sometimes it's all fine except for the loose stools that in the past few months were not typical diarrhea, just loose unformed stools.This few months I would only go once a day in the bathroom, very rarely twice, but my stomach stayed very bubbly.
The other thing is i am now off the iron pills for a week and I noticed that my stool is a little bit sticky and really light yellowish brown, still not fully solid...
They told me it's probably IBS( irritable bowel syndrome ) that runs in the family because my aunt had it too...I'm going to the doctor in a few days again.
I'm out of my mind and I am worried too much that something more serious than IBS is happening.
Please if you can help in any way reply to this post.
Thank you
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Hi, did you ever get diagnosed/ treated for this? I am going through something similar - thanks!
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