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Constant nausea, discomfort, I did all following tests.

2 years ago my symptoms began, sudden nausea/fatigue, feeling I'm about to passout, especially in mornings, I had to empty my bowel to get relief. Long story short, I did all Ultra sound + endoscopy + blood tests.

All came back ideal except for H-pylori that caused gastritis. I took the necessary meds for H-pylori, after a diet for 2 months and losing almost 10 kg, I felt better again, I could tell that I'm not fully back to normal with bowel movement though, etc etc. I had chronic gastritis. I could live with it for a while, spicy food and alcohol would cause symptoms to flare up though.

Anyhow, the reason of my post is the following;

About 1 month ago, I developed new sudden symptoms, I was standing in the market and I felt fainting instantly. It turns out after any meal I eat I have a strong urge to throw up. I thought I had food poisoning and I waited it out, allowing myself to throw up...etc. Symptoms didn't go away until present day.

I did endoscopy again, blood tests and barium swallow test, the results are following:

Endoscopy: Chronic atrophic gastritis, my sphincter between stomach and esophagus was not closing fully, and no h-pylori was found in biopsy - THEY DID N0T REP0RT ANY SIGN of bile here (I don't throw up greenish bile either).

Blood tests (Both chemical and normal) came back very ideal with unmentional rise in RBCs

Barium X-ray: Came with surprising results, It said I had duodenogastritis + duodenogastric refux (which I suppose is bile reflux) and it confirmed upper sphincter damage.

My question is:

A- How come they didn't report bile at all during the endoscopy?

B- If I indeed have bile reflux, what should I do about it? Can it go away by time if I eat small portions of food?

C- Is there a specific diet I should follow?

D- What caused it? I've been extremely stressed psychologically and physiologically recently, both due to extreme workouts and life situations and I've been eating at night, lots of fast food, gained 5-6 kilos within a month. Is there anyway to fix it? How much time would take for symptoms to fade away? Ever since I began eating in small portions my symptoms became less intense but I can still feel it.

I have no hernias whatsoever according to all tests by the way and they didn't comment on the lower gastric sphincter! I do appreciate any comment or even spending time to read this. It's holding me back in almost all aspects.

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