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Constant pain in lower lower left abdomen

Feb 2019 I had an acute diverticulitis attack. Had a CT done and there was inflammation. Also had high white blood cell count. The CT scan also showed a exophoric fibroid on the right side of the uterus. Took antibiotics and got the diverticulitis cleared up. Had a colonoscopy done and it was confirmed I have diverticulosis in the Sigmund colon. I also went to the OBGYN and he confirmed a 4x4 cm fibroid on the right side of the uterus (size of a lime.  I have had constant pain (almost every day) in the lower left area since the acute flare up (mostly dull but occasionally sharp) and I battle constipation. The OBGYN is convinced the pain is due to the fibroid pushing on my colon and wants to remove my uterus (says I don’t need it anyway since I’m past childbearing age!). The gastrointestinal doctor thinks I just have a spastic colon. I prescribed me Dicyclomine for pain. I am getting conflicting information and don’t know who to believe or what is really going on with me. Just tired of being in constant pain. Any thoughts?
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It sounds like you have IBS -C (constipation). I have a similar story and just posted it here. I have a 5.6 cm cyst on left ovary but could also be scar tissue. Do they need to take uterus?  Did MRI with contrast show anything?
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