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Constipation and loose stools for over a month and a half now.. not dietary

I have crohn's disease. My disease for the most part seems to be under control. This issue begun about a 1.5 months ago after i had ulcer pain and used oxycodone for about two weeks and then stopped. Ever since I have been having really bad constipation and paradoxical diarrhea. It makes me get up 3-4 times at night to have constipated loose bowel movements (it takes a long time, i have to strain, but the stool usually comes out loose). For this reason i am pretty sleep deprived. If i eat a larger meal it makes me feel so clogged up and my bowels start getting loud (sounds of water flowing) and uncomfortable. I think this might be some kind of a bowel obstruction. However, i will occasionally have a normal bowel movement but the issue persists. At first i thought maybe i need to improve my consumption of fiber but that did not help at all.

I saw my GI last week and he doesnt believe it is related to the crohn's and is having me have an MRI-E tomorrow. He thinks it is a small bowel problem, but i don't know how that explains the difficulty producing bowel movements. (I feel constipated but the stools are never hard like in constipation)

Any guesses on what this might be? I'm really hoping it isn't serious. I have lost a lot of weight because of this already and i am terrified at the thought of it possibly requiring surgery.
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If the doctor doesn't think it's Crohns causing this, could it be IBS?  From what I understand, you can have both at the same time and both can cause complications.
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