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Continual burping and discomfort

For about 18 months I have had symptoms of continual burping and a feeling of air that I need to burp up, it gets much worse when I need to eat.  I get a little relief immediately after food then it gets bad again. It is continual, all the time until I go to sleep and starts again as soon as I wake up.  I have seen my GP who prescribed Omeprazole and the Lansoprazole but neither made any difference at all.   I was referred to a Gastroenterologist and last week I had an upper digestive track gastroscopy which was normal and showed nothing untoward.  This leaves me thinking this may be a psychological / nervous tick type issue.  Can someone recommend any organisations, anything that night help?
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How did you get this problem? Am exactly in the same boat from  last 12months.

It’s started with use of antibiotics for 5 days .. GP gave omeoprazol.. it started with same after one month course then I took probiotics..
trust me it cured everything for 4 months.

Then I took iron tablets for 1 week problem started again. Then I took same probiotics last time used . But this time it only solved half of the problem and stayed with this same symptoms as you.. spoke to few doctors everyone is saying diet change and life style change ..

Am normally healthy person not sure what to be changed and what else can solve my problem.
I went through all tests everything came normal.

Can anyone think of what else I can try?
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I have started taking Apple cider vinegar on my empty stomach in the morning by diluting it. my symptoms started improving but i think  it is a slow process, may be worth you try this too.it has been nearly 2 weeks now , not much burping is there.Hope this helps you too.
How can we Use Apple cider Vinegar ? I Mean should we need to mix with cold/warm water or Direct ?
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