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Continuous abdominal issues which are giving me cause for concern.

I have suffered from acid reflux issues in the past, but three weeks ago I started having multiple symptoms like terrible anxiety, upper abdominal discomfort, headaches, loss of appetite, nausea, fogginess, dizziness and a weird taste in my mouth.

I went to the hospital a week ago and the doctor recommended that they conduct a series of tests: Urine + Stool + Kidney & Liver function. The results came negative for Malaria, H.Pylori and the liver and kidney functions were fine. He did notice an elevated number of field epithelial cells in the urine microscopy. He proceeded to prescribe a  PPI (PantoDenk 80mg) + Antacid and antibiotics for the infection (Levobact 750mg for 10 days).

I have been taking the medication and my symptoms feel like they have worsened plus I have back pains and my hands and legs feel weak. Kindly advise on what I should do, thank you.
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If you started medicine and feel worse, call your doctor back.  I couldn't take PPI's.  It's normal to have some epithelial cells in urine but you say elevated?  Did your doctor flag you as having too many? Having a high number usually indicates a urinary tract or yeast infection.  Any respiratory illness?  Have you ruled out covid?
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