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Costochondritis + Gastro. problems... help please


So about a month ago I began having dark red blood clots in my stool. It has happened off and on since then, nothing too crazy. It is definitely 100% a blood clot not just something I ate. I also began having extreme loss of appetite. When I would eat, I would feel nauseous, I could usually hold the food down, but sometimes it was just too much.

Okay, so I had been dealing with all of that, then about a week ago, I hadn't eaten but got extremely nauseous and began throwing up blood/acid type stuff from my stomach. It only happened about 3 times in one night and has not happened since. The next day I was pretty weak and slept most of the day. I woke up with my chest feeling extremely tight. I thought it was due to heartburn from throwing up. That night I woke up and looked in the mirror and my chest looked like it had a rash(red, splotchy) I turned to my boyfriend and asked what he thought, maybe I was allergic to something I ate. He looked at it and started freaking out, he noticed that the left side of my chest above my breast was swollen all the way up to my collar bone.

The next day I could barely catch my breath, it felt like I had to really push to get air in, which was making my heart rate go up and making my hands,feet,lip, and left arm feel like they were falling asleep.  
Needless to say, I went into a regular MD. They were mainly focused on my breathing and not really paying much attention to everything as a whole. They ran all sorts of tests and everything came back normal, x-rays blood etc.
She diagnosed me with Costochondriti and referred me to a GI doctor. She prescribed me, Methylprednisolone , A z-pack of antibiotics, naproxen  sodium  550mg. and told me to take prilosec. She gave me a shot of something to make the inflammation go down in my chest, it was very strong and it did relieve some pain and helped me breath a little better. I went home, ate some food, and took a nap for about 3 hours, when I woke up, I was in extreme pain now in my lower ribs and above my breast, i was nauseous, dizzy, and hyperventilating, which made me numb all over and extremely scared.
My dad and brother rushed me to the ER. They ran all sorts of test, x-rays, to ct scans. Everything looked normal, they said I didn't have any blood clots in my lungs or anything. They sent a respiratory doctor in to give me a breathing treatment. It helped a lot while I was there. The doctor told me I seemed to be having bronchio-spasms(sp) and gave me a pro-air inhaler to take two puffs of every for hours until I was better.  

I left the ER, and when I started to walk I began having problems breathing again. Nothing extreme, but still not normal. I stayed on my meds and it seemed to be helping some, but yest. I had to go back into work and I walk a lot, which made my breathing act up again, my chest is extremely swollen, and my neck, shoulders, and left arm feel so heavy and tight(like I had just lifted a ton of weights) I am in pain, and the meds don't seem to help. The inhaler doesn't seem to have much of an effect of me now either.

I am having anxiety about this all, which does not help. I am a 21 year old very healthy female, the only problems I have ever had are kidney stones two different times.

I feel like I am going crazy. I am in real pain, and all the doctors keep giving me the run around. I need some direction. What kind of specialist should I see? Has anyone had anything similar to this? What should I do for now to help with my pain so I can continue working. Money is tight, as it is for everyone and I really need to get back on my feet soon.

Thank you for reading,
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Good grief!  Get thee to a cardiologist.  They need to run a bunch of tests on your heart, child.  They should do a heart-pumping scan, EKG, stress test, and dye injection with pictures of your circulatory system to check out your arteries.  Sure, it's costly, but you can make monthly payments.  I cannot believe they didn't send you to one straight away.  That's not anything to goof around with, the heart.  
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