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Coughing and Gagging after Eating

Thought I would share my story--I saw this post a long time ago.  I had this same thing happen for several years--I would eat just about any food, and within 5-10 minutes my throat would fill up with sticky phlegm, and I would choke, gag, hack, and cough for 20 minutes to a half hour, and often would cough until I would vomit.  The coughing fits became worse over the years, and I had to stop eating breakfast because I choked and vomited so much from the hacking.  My nose would sometimes drip within a minute or two (actually running down my face) and I would have blow my nose at the table.  Sometimes it would fill up so bad I couldn't breathe well.  It was horrible!  I had a lot of other health problems as well, such as tiredness, sluggishness, morning sickness, dark undereye circles, etc. etc.  I had my thyroid tested and it came back normal.  I went to several doctors and no one could figure out what was wrong.  I was Googling the symptoms (which is how I came across this post originally) and it didn't seem like anyone had a clear idea of what *exactly* it could be.  Well by chance, I went to an allergist (for indoor/outdoor allergies).  She did a skin test, and a bunch of stuff came up.  Well, I mentioned the food issues and she told me to go get a blood test to check for food intolerences, which I did.  Much to my shock, they discovered a WHEAT/GLUTEN intolerance that I was COMPLETELY unaware of--I cut it out and 100% of my symptoms stopped IMMEDIATELY and cleared up within a day!  It was unreal!  Now, I can tell within minutes if I've consumed something that wasn't 100% gluten-free--the hacking/coughing/runny nose/gagging starts in within five minutes!!!!!  Otherwise, I *NEVER* get the coughing after eating anymore!  Just wanted to share in case you have similar problems--it took me several years to get it diagnosed (and they can only find it with a blood test!)  =)  One in about 133 people has Celiac Disease, and 30% don't have symptoms until it is too late....it's worth getting tested for!!!!!

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