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Could anyone help me please?

Hello, I was told about 5 years ago I had IBS, but no tests to prove it.  I get all the symptoms of IBS, and even under my right rib, which goes away, so they have not needed to test for gallstones, etc.  I have a history of severe anxiety and panic disorder, and also supraventricular tachycardia.  I am currently on Propanolol for my heart, and 2 weeks ago started Lexapro 10mg for my uncontrolled anxiety.  About a week ago my stomache pain flared up again, and the pain is also really bad under my right rib area and in the center of my chest.  I called my Dr. and she is not concerned but I will see her in two days for a regular check up.  I asked her if the Lexapro is causing this, she said no.  Does anyone know if IBS can cause bad pain under the right rib area and center of breast bone?  I don't have insurance to go do all sorts of tests.  Also, I am having yellow stools, but haven't been eating much the last few days.  Again, the nurse said that yellow stools doesn't necessarily mean anything.  Any suggestions, cause I'm really scared I have a gallbladder/liver or pancreatis problem!  Thank you! Michelle
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It sounds like a gall bladder problem.  A) when your stools are light in color, there is a lack of bile getting into your stool which can be a few different things.  B) You should request that your doc prescribe an ultrasound on your gall bladder as what you are describing sound exactly like gall bladder attacks.  Do you notice if they occur after eating certain foods?

Do a basic search and do some reading on Gall Bladder pain, etc and see for yourself if you fit the symptoms.

Good luck - this is a weird and frustrating pain.  If it is GI related, it's a semi-complicated and time consuming process to diagnose.  An ultrasound is a BIG first step.  If you have stones, they will see them on the US.

Keep in touch!
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Light colored stools can be a sign of a liver problem. Has the doctor tested you for Hepatitis B and C? I'd request a test to make sure. You have several signs of a possible liver problem, light colored stools and URQ pain. Do you have dark colored urine? What were your liver enzyme readings? Do you know what your platelet count is?
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They are right this is a complicatated area.  It took several months for me to get a hidascan with cck to show gallbladder functioning with score of 20.  I had removal surgery in June 06.  However, I still have light stools if I eat the slighest amount of fat, probably malabsorption.  I eat very, very low fat now because I can't process it, period. Now I am being tested for kindey problems.  The abdomimal area and digestive symstems is tricky.  Try to think positive and keep yourself empowered with knowledge.  Not everyone fits the testbook presentation of gallbladder attacks.  My mom and sister both heavy had the classic attacks, etc...  Have you had any previous pelvic or abdominal surgeries?  This causes adhesions which could play a part in the disturbance to your system.  Be persistent, write down all symptoms, ask questions.  Trust your instinct more than a nurses answer.  IBS is a diagnosis of exclusion which means you should have thorough testing prior.  Unfortunately this means a series of expensive tests.  Good Luck and I hope you get yours answers and relief quickly.
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Hi guys, thank you so much for your replies.  I've actually had this type of under rib pain on and off for several years, and I also have acid reflux.  Seems like it can take at least a week for me to start having the pain go away.  I also have a severe anxiety and panic disorder and just got diagnosed 2 months ago with supraventricular tachycardia, which I take a beta blocker for.  (which is why I think they always say IBS, cause of my anxiety) Because of my anxiety, I am now taking Lexapro, and it seems like one week after starting it, I got these stomache pains.  I've been on Lexapro for only 2 weeks.  The nurse said that it wouldn't cause stomache pains like that, but still I wonder.  I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon and will ask her to at least run some blood work for the first step, and maybe an ultrasound as well.  I'm trying to not panic, because in all honesty I really don't want my gallbladder out.  I would like to cure myself naturally if possible.  I have had friends who have had their gallbladders out who are still miserable, and also some who are very happy.  But I've also had some who did the liver and gallbladder flushes after severe pain and did extremely well with that as well.  I know we're all different.  Would a blood test at least tell me if my gallbladder or liver has something that would need an ultrasound for?  Due to my expenses, I would like to know if that would work first because paying for the ultrasound.  Thanks so much you guys!  Michelle
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Yes, these symptoms can be caused by IBS and gerd.  The hepatic flexure of the large intestine makes the turn there right under the liver.  Bloating there can be very painful. Gerd can cause the pain under the sternum in the middle.  Saying that, I agree with the others, that you should have an ultrasound of your gallbladder, and basic blood tests to check the liver.  Try not to panic, anxiety makes all this worse.  It probably is nothing more than IBs and gerd, very common problems, but you want to get the tests to make sure there is nothing more serioud going on
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