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Could this be chronic appendicitis?

For over three months now, I have a dull ache in the lower right side of my stomach. After a few days, I was concerned enough to go see my doctor. While she said I was a classic case of any one illness, she said she had been fooled by appendicitis before. She had me do a blood test, urine test, and a CT scan with contrast. White blood cell count was on the high end of the normal range. CT scan showed a normal appendix, as well as a normal everything else. She told me it was probably just an IBS flare up. (I've been diagnosed with IBS for almost 10 years now, but have been suffering most of my life.) This pain is nothing like anything I've ever experienced with IBS. Nothing makes this pain better or worse. It's just constantly there. Probably about 95 percent of the time. Now, over three months later, I'm starting to feel a sharper pain lower down in the pelvic region and only on the right side. Sometimes it gives me a dull back ache and makes my thigh and upper right leg feel sore. I've read so many things about chronic appendicitis, its controversial diagnosis, and hard-to-say diagnosis. I don't want to have my appendix removed if that's not the cause. I go back to the doctor in a few weeks, and I'm hoping with my newer symptoms, maybe something will show up. I have no pain when I press on or around the appendix. My gynecologist told me it didn't sound like a gynecological issue. Thank you.
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I used to have tummy aches as a child for a couple of years, went the barium milkshake route as part of trying to pin down the problem; they eventually resolved into an acute appendicitis attack at the age of 12 which needed very prompt surgery.

I think until your mystery pain's resolved, you ought not travel to anywhere that you're not near to an emergency surgery facility.
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